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Ruby Pulvirenti, VP of Sales - Australia & New Zealand

Ruby's career in tech is a story of growth, from mastering business analytics to leading innovations in AI and cloud computing. But it’s her approachable, team-first attitude that really sets her apart.

What’s the "Ruby Pulvirenti" story so far?

So far, so good!  My favourite mottos are “Don’t Die Wondering” followed by “Can’t means Won’t” both of which continue to serve me well.
I was born in Canada and moved to Australia as an early teen.  Whilst my Canadian roots are strong, Australia is definitely home.  Jointly with my other half, we have two young adult daughters, and a pugalier fur-baby – all of whom motivate me to be the best version of me.  The older I become the more responsibility I am taking in promoting and empowering females in tech.   

I value experiences: from presenting a tech topic to a forum of hundreds, to randomly singing karaoke with my colleagues, to cooking dinner with my husband and kids.

I love travelling.  Whether a tourist in my own city or globe-trotting to some obscure destination, I have found travel to be one of the best forms of education.  As I long I am still learning then I am still growing. 
I enjoy good coffee, value-adding conversations, and making sincere connections with people.

I have had the privilege of working for some amazing technology innovation companies over the years, that has allowed me tap into diverse groups and diverse ways of thinking.  So far DRUID has provided the best experience of that to date.

If you could master any skill overnight, what would it be?

The ability to fly, like a superhero 😊.

What’s the most unexpected skill or hobby you bring to the sales table?

Whilst Sales is my calling and my forte, I began my career in Technical roles.  So, if I have to, I can call upon those technical experiences in order to challenge objections and help with the feasibility and viability of a potential solution to a customer or partner problem statement.  I don’t think people necessarily expect that and it provides an advantage.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate a successful deal?

It takes a village to raise a baby as the saying goes, and the best wins for me are when you win as a team.   
Collective inputs, shared responsibility, immersion and velocity are a few of the ingredients for a winning recipe.  As such reward for effort and acknowledging each individual in the team, who had a hand in the deal is important.  Success is contagious and the more you succeed together the more you want to repeat it.

Celebrating as a team has always provided me the most enjoyment.  If you work together to make a customer or partner successful, then you must celebrate together.

How would you describe the DRUID team in 5 words?

1. Fun 
2. Passionate 
3. Can-Do Attitude 
4. Fast-Paced  
5. Loyal

Why should someone join the DRUID team?

Because of three wonderful Ps: our wonderful Product, People and Partners.

Now is the Perfect time to become involved and entrenched in Conversational AI and Generative AI - it’s a hot field showing no signs of slowing.  But entering this field within the establishment of a company who began with their vision 6 years ago, and poured this vision into their product, people and partners makes DRUID an absolute drawcard standout and winning choice.

Working with the collective brilliance, experience and maturity of those who have previously and successfully run global scale-up businesses provides a culture like no other – and for a field which is constantly evolving and demanding continued investment, the choice is obvious.

I can’t think of any place I would rather be than here at DRUID.

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