Lifestyle is changing fast. Digital-first customers expect quick and flexible interactions, tailored to their needs, and smartphones or IoT devices come to support this by becoming more present in people's lives.
Chatbots provide an AI-powered connected digital gateway that covers customer changing expectations, while insurers experience a significant reduction in costs needed to cover frequent requests, but also a high level of customer satisfaction.


of customer interactions will be automated using chatbots by 2022 [Chatbots Magazine]


of the customer relationships will be managed without interacting with a human by 2020 [Gartner]


of repetitive finance tasks will be automated with chatbots in the next 3 years [Credence Research]


customer service hours will be saved using chatbots in the banking sector, by the end of 2023 [Juniper Rersearch]

Claim management

Boost customer satisfaction through a fast and easy claim procedure which automatically collects and feeds data right into your core systems.


Provide agents with a multi-channel solution that uses real-time data analysis to identify products closest to customer's needs.

Marketing automation

Add customized multi-channel capabilities to your marketing automation campaigns and boost conversion rate.


Quote and bind

Use automation, customer profile analytics and AI-powered robots to drive an enhanced quote and bind process.

Customer feedback

Use multi-channel chatbots to collect and process customer feedback automatically and provide a superior customer experience.

24/7 customer support

Chatbots easily integrate with insurance core systems to provide 24/7 conversations for fast problem resolution.

See improved KPIs today, not next quarter

Instant benefits without having to dedicate large developer teams or time

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Time saved

On average, Druid chatbots enable staff to get 30% of their productive time back. Instantly.

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Increase in satisfaction

Customer satisfaction increase thanks to quick response time and personalized engagement.

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Complete availability

Always online, never needs vacation and is the most reliable and accurate customer support rep.


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Enhance conversation within the insurtech world!

Druid chatbots empower employees, customers and partners to communicate with your business and enterprise systems in the most intuitive and efficient way. Druid bots apply modern technologies and design principles to provide a familiar user experience across all lines of business, tasks and devices, and their assistance reduces the time spent by users with operations and increases data quality, also reducing the overall costs.
chatbot industry knowledge
Industry knowledge

20+ years of business know-how embedded in ready-made chatbots that speed up the deployment up to 10x faster.

Proprietary technology

NLU technology allows Druid chatbots to provide fast and accurate answers for excellent customer experience.

100% tailored

Druid provides the tools needed to build and deploy digital workforce which solves your specific problem.

Designed for integration

Collect and update data from, and to any internal or 3rd party app or database, to be ahead of customer expectations.

Data security first
Data security first

Deploy Druid either in the most secure cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model. You have full control over your data.

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We’re proud to have helped businesses achieve more with less

Here's what customers have to say about how the Druid platform helped them automate work

''Implementing Druid Chatbots is the first step ASIROM is taking to develop new channels for policies, to provide a fully digital and modern experience for our clients We're starting with travel insurance, but we will continue to deploy chatbots for healthcare and motor as well''
President of the Board of Directors Asirom, Vienna Insurance Group
chatbots for insurance asirom
''Over 8000 employees in our offices now interact much more easily with our HR department through the Druid chatbots. Thanks to the flexibility of this chatbot authoring platform we're now using it to deploy other bots which will streamline our operational processes''
Digital Technology & Innovation Director Banca Transilvania
chatbots for banking banca transilvania
''The Druid Chatbot Platform's high configurability, advanced NLP features, flexibility and ease-of-use helped us to develop, configure and deploy AI-powered chatbots that greatly optimized the leasing offer generation and contract signing processes''
IT Director BCR Leasing
chatbots for leasing bcrl
''By using Druid chatbots, we're saving over 8 hours per day for the senior management team. Furthermore, this allows our 100 managers who use the Druid personal assistant - Ana - to dedicate more time to activities that have a positive impact on our business''
Business Processes Director Regina Maria
chatbots for healthcare regina marial
''DRUID Chatbots help us reduce the time allocated to finding information during the COVID-19 crisis. We reponding faster to queries, with constantly updated information. The ease of setting up conversational flows allowed us to launch the project quickly''
IT & Operations Director Groupama