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Multi-territory agreements with global technology and consultancy companies instill DRUID conversational AI technology in complex hyper-automations projects with various use cases, across all industries.


Frequently asked questions

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence technology that allows users to interact with business systems and trigger automated processes through spoken or written natural language to complete business tasks. This is possible by using advanced Machine Learning, NLU (Natural Language Understanding), NLP (Natural Language Processing), interactive voice recognition, powerful integrations, data processing, and automation.

How is DRUID different from simple chatbots?

Unlike conventional chatbots, which provide a limited, linear, and rigid experience driven by simple question-answer pairs, DRUID conversational AI delivers a rich and natural experience that feels like human interaction. You can imagine DRUID as the brain that powers a chatbot and enables complex conversational automation scenarios for any business process through the advanced NLP technology, integrations with business systems, advanced data processing and process automation features.

What are Conversational Business Apps?

You can imagine them as adaptive digital workspaces operated by employees and customers working side-by-side with their AI virtual companions to complete business tasks. Delivering a total user experience 24/7, CBAs can be deployed 5x faster than features for legacy systems, successfully maximizing ROI for existing platform investments. CBAs leverage a powerful conversational AI layer, complex automation capabilities, and open connectivity to any enterprise system and RPA technology.

What are the benefits of integration with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

DRUID greatly enhances the user experience and increases productivity by integrating with RPA technology to automate tasks through conversation, allowing your company to benefit from faster time-to-value, higher ROI, and superior user experience. Each day external and internal users must switch between tens of different systems and apps to complete tasks. DRUID makes this complexity obsolete, empowering users with easier, more human-like access to technology and automation.

How many languages does DRUID support?

DRUID provides unparalleled conversational experiences in more than 50 languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, French, and German, to name a few), including advanced NLP capabilities (stop-words, named entity recognition, natural language understanding, and more). In addition, the DRUID platform provides neural machine translation features available for both authors and end users.

In what channels can DRUID be deployed?

DRUID supports integration with multiple communications channels like customer webpages (websites, intranets) or mobile apps. It also supports deployment in all popular conversational apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, WeChat, WeCom, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Viber, Twilio, Instagram, Slack, Jira, Alexa, Kik, Line, Skype, and more. It also supports voice integration with any business or telephony system. DRUID can even send SMS and email via SendGrid, SMTP, or any other service that connects via APIs or SMTP.

Does DRUID support on-premises deployment?

DRUID can be deployed on the most secured cloud infrastructures (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) or run entirely on your enterprise infrastructure, with no external AI providers allowed to interfere with sensitive data. On-premises deployment can be done faster than ever using the same code via Kubernetes or Dockers. High availability deployments are also available to support enterprise-level business loads.

With what systems can DRUID integrate?

DRUID is an open AI hub that enables us to be technology agnostic. The platform's Connector Designer allows authors to easily configure any connection to enterprise systems via APIs (REST/SOAP). No matter where the needed data is located (ERP, Data Warehouse, CRMs, HRIS), DRUID connects without allocating technical teams and resources for IT developments. Pre-build connectors with third-party technologies (UiPath RPA Orchestrator, AI Fabric, Data Service, Action Center, Apps Assistant, Automation Hub, Vonage, RWS, DocuSign, Namirial), and core systems (Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Genesys, Zendesk, Amazon Connect, and more) enable businesses and humans to reimagine what is possible with hyper-automated conversational AI.

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