DRUID chatbots help banks automate the management of deferred installments requests

chatbot for banking automation

DRUID, a company specialized in developing AI-powered chatbots for enterprise companies, announces automation solutions for managing the deferred payment of bank loan installments. The DRUID chatbots manage and automate the request flow, clarifying payment situations, analyzing ongoing contracts, filling out the necessary documents and data processing within the internal systems, relieving customer support agents of time-consuming tasks, in order to process a much larger number of requests.

This new solution was designed specifically for chatbots dedicated to the banking industry and provides support to agents in customer support centers in this challenging period. Various governments have now published decisions that allow people who were affected by the crisis to defer their installments for bank loans, which will result in a massive rise in requests from customers in the next months and will, most likely, overwhelm customer support departments.

Our chatbot, Victor, uses Artificial Intelligence to automate request management through phone, email, or web conversations. Simple Q&A requests are answered instantly by the chatbot, for a pre-filtering of messages before triggering the full automation flow. With a request for postponing of installments, Victor collects all the customer identification data, performs advanced analysis of the customer’s ongoing contracts, checks if there have been any delays in payments or overdue deadlines, fills in the necessary documents with the customer and analyzes their request.

All request clarifications and investigations are fully automated, Victor being the orchestrator for the entire process. Our chatbot discuses with the customers, asks questions, collects data and identifies customer data, checks to see if the requests are compliant with the bank’s terms and conditions, fills out the necessary forms and documents, submits them to an electronic or physical signature flow and then processes all the changes in the internal CRM or banking system.

Victor, our banking chatbot, can be hosted on the website, in the mobile banking application, at the end of a customer support phone number, or in any customer communication channel. Because most banking institutions have already included in their telephone exchange system a COVID-19 support section, the chatbot can be deployed in this section.

In the back-end, the banking chatbot is connected to the ticketing system of the CRM application already used by the customer support center and follows all internal processes specific any each bank. This solution can be implemented in a matter of days in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment model.

„Through its concierge function, the chatbot relieves customer support agents, whether it’s requests collected through phone calls, emails or web forms. This solution allows banks to improve their reaction time in solving customer requests, having a positive impact on customer satisfaction, but also allowing departments to receive and process a larger number of requests per day with the same number of employees, which translates to better productivity for agents” stated Daniel Bălăceanu, Head of Products for DRUID.

Druid is a high-tech company that develops chatbots for Enterprise companies. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful smart virtual assistants engaged in specific conversations across roles, processes or industries.