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How to Choose a Conversational AI Solution for Your Contact Center

A Conversational AI solution can be the difference between thriving and failing in a Contact Center. We discuss how to choose a Conversational AI solution.

Customer experience is the most significant differentiator in securing brand loyalty. However, it should be noted that today's customers expect more than they ever have before, and technology can help deliver an elite experience for your customers. Artificial Intelligence, specifically conversational AI, can be the difference between a thriving contact center and an unsuccessful one. Conversational AI delivers the right experience to the right customer at just the right time. 

Recently, much has been said about the importance of emphasizing human-centric ideals in customer service, particularly the idea of considering both the clients of a brand and the team members. They provide their services to individuals with needs. We must identify the critical distinction that will assist in offering those human-centric values to the customer experience (CX) and agent experience (AX) in equal measure in order for that concept to spread throughout the contact center as a whole. 

Given that it significantly contributes to fostering brand loyalty, CX is one of the primary differentiators for any brand. If good CX increases traffic, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to this phenomenon. If done in a sensible and respectful manner, the effective implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within your contact center can significantly impact the CX your company offers. 

How Does AI Work In Contact Centers?

AI may be utilized within contact centers in a variety of ways. For instance, real-time agent assistance solutions powered by AI leverage natural language processing (NLP) technologies to support agents as they enter data and take notes. In order to decide the best course of action, these tools also monitor ongoing discussions to retrieve information for agents during interactions with clients. Furthermore, in the background of customer service, AI drives data visualization tools that aid in providing context for KPIs. In order to handle surges and preserve efficiency, it helps contact center managers and directors decide how to deploy agents based on need and skill set.

Conversational AI solutions are the primary point of differentiation among the various contact center AI products currently on the market. The most developed area of AI technology is these conversational bots. They automate the management of often dull and monotonous interactions, leaving contact center support agents to handle more significant and complex issues. These representatives can use their understanding, empathy, and interpersonal skills to offer the best solutions for consumers.

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DRUID AI Helps Brands & Their Customers Communicate Better

DRUID-built conversational AI solutions strive to provide the right conversational experiences at the right times. The characteristics of DRUID solutions can aid in promoting human-centric values to your contact center. 

To make it simple for you to use conversational AI as part of your company's digital transformation path, we created the most flexible connector designer ever. The DRUID platform has integrations that cover every scenario and let administrators set up any kind of connection to enterprise software (Open APIs, REST/SOAP, SQL/Oracle, MS, ERP, CRM). Additionally, the DRUID platform readily connects with any RPA platform to automate end-to-end business processes or interactions with legacy systems where there is no API available.

Benefits of a DRUID-built Conversational AI Platform in Your Contact Center

#1. Integrate Easily with APIs

Access any enterprise application easily using any API (REST/SOAP). With the help of the platform's Connector Designer, creators of conversational automation may quickly set up any type of connection to corporate applications (Open APIs, REST/SOAP, SQL/Oracle, MS, ERP, CRM). Without an API, the DRUID platform may automatically connect to UiPath RPA robots to communicate with any enterprise application.

#2. Monitor Performance with Advanced Analytics

Any ERP, CRM, or BI system can include conversational bots that quickly manage company data. Administrators can utilize conversation history filters to understand user behavior better and improve discussion flows to check interactions based on users, channels, and intent flows.

#3. Bidirectional RPA Bot Communication

RPA can be used to add a conversational AI layer to any older system, but also to deploy automation for complex business processes to lighten the workload for contact center agents. Also, with the conversational business automation features, DRUID enables teams to deploy new capabilities in their agent dashboard.

#4. Multi-Language Capabilities

The DRUID platform offers native support, including support for entity recognition, for 49 languages thanks to its sophisticated NLP engine (English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and many more). Also, with its machine translation service, the platform adds more support for real-time translation - at authoring time or directly in the conversations.

#5. Deep Industry Expertise

With more than 25 years of experience developing enterprise-grade software solutions, DRUID improves the conversational AI landscape with ready-made templates to speed up deployment by 10x.

#6. Exclusive Technology 

Thanks to NLP technology, DRUID can now give prompt, accurate responses to inquiries. With the help of exclusive NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, DRUID can contextually deliver information to users based on their behavior and preferences. The platform offers sophisticated NLU features for speech testing, stop word, sentiment, and flow matching threshold configuration.

#7. Tailored to Fit Your Business

DRUID offers the resources required to develop and implement a digital workforce that addresses your particular need. It is simple to change the look and feel of both platform tenants and robots through custom CSS, logos, and avatars. Launch the visual identity of your company with just a few clicks.

#8. Stackable Technology 

To surpass client expectations, DRUID enables users to gather and update data from and to any internal or external app or database. When designing, creating, testing, and deploying AI-powered virtual assistants, the DRUID platform provides businesses with the essential building blocks to overcome the "how" barrier. This all-in-one solution offers a flexible, scalable, secure, configurable, and extendable foundation for conversational automation deployment that handles various intelligent tasks, interacts with people and systems, and uses data to promote effective team members and customer engagements across channels.

#9. Data is Secured 

Regardless of the industry, the DRUID platform adheres to the most robust security and compliance standards for consumer information as well as confidential business data.

#10. Increase Mobility 

Stop being confined to your desk and start working on the go. Sales representatives can update CRM in real-time via voice calls, CFOs can request and distribute live revenue reports via Microsoft Teams, and managers can collaborate with their teams while they are away from the office by managing budgets, expense requests, appointments, and tasks with ease.

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