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Conversational AI for Contact Centers: 4 Success Stories

With DRUID's Conversational AI, these 4 businesses joined the long list of companies to share success stories about increased customer satisfaction.

Incorporating conversational AI into your business's contact center can improve productivity, streamline traditional processes, increase customer satisfaction, and much more! With the help of DRUID-powered conversational AI solutions, the following companies showed great success in various aspects of their business and their operations. Let's get started and you can see for yourself how conversational AI can optimize your contact center-just as it did for the following organizations.

A European Bank Decreased Time to Serve Customers by 30x

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and the first lockdown, many European banks were quickly pushed to implement payment suspension schemes for their customers under the supervision and coordination of national banks and the European Banking Authority, with legislation enabling a credit deferral for a period of up to 9 months.

For the OTP Bank, the volume of incoming requests rose by 125%, adding pressure on call center teams. The sheer volume of calls led to longer handling times and higher costs. In this demanding context, OTP Bank, a bank that has defined itself by the level of care it offers to clients, felt even more pressure to improve the customer experience quickly. Thus, it sought a technology solution that would be fast to implement and successful in relieving overloaded call center agents while allowing them to handle even more calls.

Download the case study below to find out how OTP Bank managed to decrease time-to-serve customers by 30x, while reducing the time spent by help-desk agents by 97%, using DRUID Conversational AI.

banking conversational ai case study

Leading Courier Services Provider Achieves 100% Accuracy Rate

One of the leaders in courier services in the CEE uses DRUID conversational AI technology to improve its online customer interaction procedures and enhance customer service. The value of integrating DRUID has been astronomical, with a 100% accuracy rate and zero human errors, around-the-clock availability, and call center support teams, the company has been able to save 20% of its time with the help of DRUID technology.

The pandemic brought a surge in online shopping. By the end of May 2020, online orders had, on average, more than doubled year-on-year in North America and were up by 50% in Europe. Due to this, major companies in the industry were forced to make operational modifications to meet customer expectations and support higher volume sales. But with DRUID AI, the company only had to make changes to its customer service and engagement procedures to deal with the increasing number of customers more effectively. 

These days, digital interactions and the interfaces that facilitate them increasingly influence how clients interact with service providers. One of the most significant changes has arguably been the introduction of conversational AI interfaces, which enable customers to communicate with businesses quickly and organically. This has a tremendously positive effect on customer satisfaction and, consequently, loyalty.

Through this partnership a FAQ bot was launched, enabling a secondary access point from Facebook Messenger, a well-liked platform for customer service among users. The following tasks can be handled by the bot:

  • Customers can get up-to-date information about packages (tracking and estimated delivery times)
  • Shipment insurances
  • Payment options
  • Information on return policies
  • Shipment registration programs-domestic or international deliveries, freights, reimbursements
  • Collect points
  • And much more due to its 24/7 availability! 

The bot's capabilities were expanded to include the Self-AWB capability, allowing for speedier delivery, fully digital tracking of packages, and the import and tracking of numerous AWBs in complex cargo shipment scenarios.

The bot's adaptability and capacity for future training and personalization made it possible to expand the company's coverage of business operations and create a better end-to-end digital contact experience for consumers.

Top Telecom Operator Transforms Customer Service and Support

One of the top telecom providers in Europe, a member of the largest telecommunications group in Europe, worked with DRUID to streamline and digitally change its individual and business customers' support and sales experiences.

Customers worldwide are redefining their expectations to demand automated, immediate, all-inclusive services at any time and from any location. Service providers frequently play catch-up in this rapidly changing environment to ensure that customers' demands are satisfied when and how they want them to be. 

In a cutthroat industry like the telecom business, this task becomes more and more challenging. Disgruntled customers have no problem taking their business elsewhere if they are not satisfied with their current provider's operations. 

Additionally, since telecom rates are frequently already at their lowest points due to intense competition, customer service becomes a crucial differentiation. The key to creating a compelling value offer is to put the customer first, making sure that any new services or developments are implemented because they will directly benefit the consumer in some way.

Automation with the aid of conversational technology is one approach to guarantee that each independent client has experiences that are unique and relevant to them.

In order to stay current with trends, the company had already begun the digital transformation of its customer-facing activities. The physical limitations of 2020 made it evident that more needed to be done as remote access to sales and customer support became more important than ever.

One strategy for meeting the needs of modern consumer's needs while simultaneously keeping expenses in check and eliminating the need for large contact center employees was to offer fully digital customer care. To meet the challenge, the company decided to deploy a conversational AI bot based on DRUID's technology that could help remote sales activities for its broad range of services while also automating the provision of technical support. The website hosts the bot, which goes by the moniker of TIM. It has been designed to give current and potential consumers comprehensive information on new services, assisting them in signing up for them, transferring their number from another operator, or switching from one service to another.

Customers can also receive individual assistance in selecting the service options and price packages that best suit their needs, in addition to the most current discounts and special offers. Sales consultants' productivity increased on the back end due to being liberated from tedious, routine chores and more directly accessing centralized information about clients' demands.

Simultaneously, TIM provides technical support for individual and business users and responds to frequently asked questions. As a result, it allows any current subscriber to access their MyAccount and benefit from the wide range of functionalities provided, such as the issuing of electronic invoices and support for e-payments, offering support for subscription renewal, or tariff plan alterations.

Key Wins:

  • 100% accuracy, with no human errors.
  • More than 15% time saved for sales representatives.
  • Reduced service and call center costs.
  • Almost 80% of customer support interactions now occur wholly within the conversational AI bot environment, without the need to engage with a call center operator.
  • 24/7 availability increases the sales cycle to a full 365 days per year.

European Leader in Prepaid Corporate Services Market Sees 40% Decrease in Time-to-Serve Customers

With the aid of DRUID's conversational technology, one of Europe's market leaders for prepaid corporate services completes a benchmark customer experience digitalization initiative. The partnership has seen a 30% of all user interactions automated, a 40% decrease in time-to-serve customers, and over 750,000 quarterly user interactions. 

Customers are continually being engaged by businesses to maintain their satisfaction and foster loyalty. However, with increased competition for customers' attention making today's consumers more discerning than ever before, it’s getting harder to maintain customer happiness.

Expectations are always rising, so if a business doesn't keep upping its game, it will quickly fall behind. The growing popularity of mobile devices among consumers also encourages them to manage several aspects of their everyday lives on their own rather than dealing with businesses directly. Service providers must provide omnichannel communications and self-service portals to empower customers with rapid access to information about their goods, services, and consumption in order to deal with these developments.

Companies improve customer experiences by letting customers handle simple activities on their own, while simultaneously lightening the burden and stress on customer care personnel. These qualities are essential for slowing the growth of service center costs and saving time for both customers and customer support agents.

The COVID epidemic provided a significant incentive for the growth of digital transformation trends, and the company was eager to seize this opportunity to distinguish itself and its services.

As a result, the company, a leading provider of extra-salary benefits in CEE, debuted Felicia, the first customer support automation solution created in collaboration with DRUID. Felicia is accessible round-the-clock on the company's websites as well as through the company's mobile app. 

It benefits users, B2B clients, and joint venture merchants of the two businesses. Felicia administers routine requests through messaging channels and provides prompt answers to inquiries about the company's goods and services. As a result, customer service consultants have more time to handle complex problems and provide partners and users with added value. For example, they can give pertinent information about digital solutions, online order channels, digital platforms created for customers, and their advantages.

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