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What Comes Next After You Adopt Conversational AI for Your Oil and Gas Business?

Now that you've unlocked the power of conversational AI, it's time you started enjoying the benefits it brings to your oil and gas business. Like these.

It has never been more critical for businesses to switch to digitized practices–particularly in the oil and gas industry. In fact, 85% [of oil and gas companies] expect to maintain or increase spending on the efficiency of assets in operation in 2020. This is largely due to the recognition that digitization improves efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. 

Conversational AI is a highly beneficial solution for the oil and gas industry that will support your business's digital transformation and drastically improve and accelerate operations. Whether you've already decided to adopt conversational AI or are still on the fence, here's what you can expect upon integrating this solution into your oil and gas business. 

Upstream Operations

One of the most significant benefits of conversational AI is its ability to provide on-demand support for your team members, both on-field and in the office. Conversational AI is a real-time platform for communication and database usage as a solution that leverages AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML). 

Use Conversational AI to Obtain Information and Resources in Real-Time

On-site workers can connect with team members from any location and obtain accurate and reliable information from their conversational AI assistant. As such, they always have the answers they need, enabling them to work efficiently and uninterruptedly. 

Ease the Learning Curve for Your New Hires

It allows them to get the information they need without hesitation, doubt, or communication silos. Consequently, conversational AI prevents potentially costly issues from occurring by reducing the risk of human error. 

Offload Your Contact Center Agents

Goodbye tedious, repetitive tasks! Your contact center team will have more time to focus on value-adding business projects. Ultimately, conversational AI enables the upstreaming of countless time-consuming and high-risk tasks. This is crucial for success in an industry where time and accuracy mean everything. 

Downstream Operations

Hand-in-hand with improving upstream operations, conversational AI optimizes your downstream operations as well. Your conversational AI solution is capable of handling numerous customer conversations simultaneously. The solution will help deflect queries and handle surplus demand for customer service. Not only will your back-office agents get the support they need to work more efficiently, but customers will obtain more timely and accurate support from your company. 

Using NLP and ML, the conversational AI agent can understand complex customer needs and suggest the right products and assistance. As a result, conversational AI will:

Streamline Your Customer Onboarding Processes

Conversational enables faster onboarding by providing resources and guidance faster than a human. Customers can get the information they need instantly, with 24/7 support.

Offer a Personalized Customer Experience through Automated Conversational AI

The conversational AI solution automates data collection, generates product offerings, and automates document generation for new energy, gas, and service contracts so that your customers get full satisfaction from their interaction with your company.

Automate Up-Sales and Cross-Sales Process With Customized Offerings

With NLP and ML capabilities, conversational AI can recommend products and services based on digital knowledge, expediting sales across different platforms and departments and helping you improve the digital interaction with your customers.

Implement Foundational Changes

As mentioned, conversational AI significantly improves the onboarding process for new hires and new customers. Employees can be onboarded, trained, and educated more quickly and effectively with the help of AI assistants. This can save your company time and money while ensuring that all employees are on the same page concerning business practices, safety procedures, and more.

They can ask a virtual AI assistant for clarification if they are unsure how to comply with a new policy or procedure. This can help ensure that employees are always in compliance with your company's policies–which is crucial in maintaining a safe work environment in the oil and gas industry.

Conversational AI also offers ongoing support to team members. Even beyond initial onboarding, employees can continue to refer to their conversational AI platform to answer questions, obtain resources, and communicate with other team members. 

Connect with Customers

It may not seem as though the oil and gas industry is particularly customer-facing, but it is. Whether providing utilities directly to customers or maintaining a more indirect relationship, connecting with customers is critical to the success and longevity of your business. Fortunately, this is something that conversational AI enables with ease.

Share Your Business Practices and New Policies With Customers

There's no question that companies in the oil and gas industry are quick to face backlash from consumers. Unfortunately, this is something to be expected of working in the energy industry. But, with the help of conversational AI, communicating and sharing business practices or new policies with customers can help you build and maintain lasting relationships. They can be sure that you're always working to improve your sustainable practices.

And because virtual AI assistants allow for personalized interactions, you can ensure that each customer gets the most relevant information.

Connect With Customers on a Personal Level

Conversational AI provides the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers on a personal level. This is because virtual AI assistants allow you to have one-on-one interactions with your customers. So you can get to know them on a personal level and build rapport.

In addition, conversational AI bots provide an opportunity to learn about your customers' needs and preferences. This way, you can tailor your interactions to suit their needs better.

Offer 24/7 Customer Support

You can use your conversational AI platform to offer 24/7 customer service with personalized interactions. This will ensure that your customers are always informed of your new policies and practices. When customers have a question about your company, they can partake in a seamless interaction with your conversational AI bot, getting the information and reassurance needed to continue your partnership. 

Conversational AI is shaping the Future of Oil and Gas

As the oil and gas industry shifts towards a more digital future, you'll want to ease the transition for everyone involved. This means finding new and innovative ways to increase efficiency and decrease waste. It also means working closely with your customers to ensure they're familiar and comfortable with upcoming changes.

One way you can do this is by adopting conversational AI. This technology can help you improve upstream and downstream operations, as well as onboard both employees and customers. Conversational AI enables seamless and accurate interactions, ensuring that your customers have the information they need for a positive experience–and your employees have the information needed to get the job done right.

DRUID's conversational AI provides companies with these benefits and more. Our solutions at DRUID allow oil and gas companies to save back-office time, improve customer service, and increase the accuracy of their operations by improving communication, data sharing, and more. 

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