REGINA MARIA extends collaboration with DRUID to develop new AI chatbots

chatbots for healthcare reginamaria

REGINA MARIA, the largest private healthcare network in Romania, decides to extend the collaboration with DRUID for the implementation of intelligent chatbots in their customer care division, after the positive impact of the virtual assistant for managers, Ana, launched in April.

The partnership with Druid came amidst the increasing complexity of the internal processes in REGINA MARIA, following the fast territory expansion, aggressive acquisition strategy, and growth of the portfolio of medical services offered. A large number of technologies and internal applications used has led to the need to connect more than 100 managers from REGINA MARIA with the information systems in a simple and natural way. This allows the management team to respond quickly to any request like expense approvals, budgets, contracts, salaries, or medical leaves.

Especially for REGINA MARIA, DRUID built and deployed Ana, a smart chatbot integrated with five enterprise systems, which was trained to take on any task, communicate decisions, and securely manage operations within the internal systems. Ana is available to help the managers of the medical, sales, and customer support teams through Microsoft Teams, the collaborative application that can be accessed directly from their mobile phones. Ana knows the internal structure of the organization, names, functions, and roles, understands the context, and always gives simple, clear, and intelligent answers.

„Thanks to the chatbot, we save about eight working hours per day, only for the senior management team. Moreover, this extra-time allows our managers who interact with Ana, to get involved in higher added value activities”, says stated Cosmin Panaete, Business Processes Director, REGINA MARIA.

„Ana learns preferences, habits, internal rules. She will know when to send the budget for weekly financial analysis. She will know when to book a room for the weekly management meeting. But Ana is not an ordinary human assistant. She does not take leave, does not sleep, is available 24 hours a day. Each Druid-born virtual assistant has its own personality that is refined over time to become more and more literate”, added Liviu Drăgan, DRUID CEO.

DRUID is the only Romanian company specialized in designing and developing Enterprise productivity chatbots, and one of the few global suppliers of chatbots that can deploy AI-driven chatbots in cloud, hybrid or on-premise. Hundreds of predefined conversational templates on roles, processes, and industries ensure production launches in just a few weeks.