Encorsa integrates DRUID AI powered chatbots in Webcon process automation platform

druid ai chatbots business process automation webcon

DRUID partners with Encorsa, a company specialized in automating business processes through robots (RPAs). Through this partnership, Encorsa will add AI powered chatbots developed using the DRUID platform in the automation processes designed and orchestrated by WEBCON, one of the most popular low-code platforms for designing and managing business processes in the world.

WEBCON is an easy-to-use, low-code BPM (Business Process Management) platform through which a consultant can quickly design processes and applications available on computers or mobile devices, accessible in the cloud or on-site. With over 200 multinational companies in its portfolio, WEBCON is one of the global leaders in BPM solutions. Through WEBCON, any company can focus on optimizing business processes, eliminating errors, ensuring compliance, integrating information and constantly improving business practices.

Encorsa brings unique conversational capabilities directly into the business processes orchestrated through WEBCON. Thus, quick filling out information in forms, monitoring of team tasks, sending notifications or delivering reports in real time can be done through chatbots. Encorsa launched the WEBCON Chatbot solution – preconfigured virtual assistants to support customer technical support, human resources, project management or sales support.

„The partnership with Encorsa enables the integration of DRUID technology into a globally recognized business process automation and optimization solution. InstantChange technology is unique in quickly changing complex processes without any script or line of code written. DRUID chatbots will be delighted to be put to work and serve customers with this technology”, stated Daniel Bălaceanu, Head of Products, DRUID.

„Through the partnership with DRUID we offer our customers a full range of automation solutions based on “low-code” technologies, with rapid adoption by users. Encorsa and DRUID share the same vision, namely that Artificial Intelligence will allow people to focus on making decisions in areas that involve creativity, to the detriment of repetitive tasks”, declared Radu Mărgărit, Chief Digital Information Officer ENCORSA.

Druid is a high-tech company that develops chatbots for Enterprise companies. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful smart virtual assistants engaged in specific conversations across roles, processes or industries.