DRUID chatbots provide in-chat credit reports through a partnership with KeysFin

ai chatbot credit risk management cloud

DRUID signs a technological partnership with KeysFin, one of the most important providers of credit risk management solutions and business intelligence in Romania. Through this partnership companies will be able to automate complex commercial or credit risk analysis processes, directly with DRUID chatbots.

By integrating with KeysFin services, DRUID provides companies with a modern digital tool, through which commercial or credit risk analysis can be managed directly through chatbots, within broader automation processes. Thus, a company can quickly provide its employees with a technology that can automate critical stages in the sales process, such as classifying commercial risks for sales opportunities, validating access to credit services, enrolling new customers, and more. Risk analysis can be provided conversationally through any digital communication channel, and the extracted data can be saved in internal systems for later use by employees.

For example, a potential customer wants to sign a new loan or business contract through the DRUID-powered chatbot. The chatbot requests relevant data, such as the unique tax registration code and through the integration with KeysFin services, it extracts information about the company’s condition, financial situation, debts, payment incidents, insolvencies, or legal actions, but also complex scoring or rating analysis. The customer will be automatically included in the corresponding commercial risk class. All the information collected can be saved later in the internal systems, so that the employees involved in the risk analysis or the sales process have all the relevant data at their disposal, before initiating the contract signing.

„KeysFin is an essential step in our strategy of positioning DRUID as a conversational hub pre-equipped with tools needed to automate specific processes, which can save employees’ of valuable time. Integrating KeysFin’s unique expertise in business fraud prevention and commercial risk management, together with DRUID AI chatbot technology, creates a unique value proposition for banks or leasing companies, for which risk analysis plays a significant role”, stated Daniel Bălăceanu, Head of Products at DRUID.

„KeysFin services have continuously been developed and adapted to the business environment’s needs, making us an open and reliable partner. Access to direct online services has increased and accelerated the need for companies to automate a potential customer’s validation as quickly as possible. We are proud to be together in a unique partnership of this type, through which Keysfin commercial risk management solutions are integrated with DRUID chatbots”, said Roxana Popescu, Managing Director at KeysFin.

DRUID is a high-tech company that provides a fully no-code AI chatbot design platform for Enterprise companies and one of the few global suppliers that cover all types of deployment – cloud, hybrid, and fully on-premise. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful AI virtual assistants for any role, process, or industry. DRUID is also engaged in a global partnership with UiPath to provide conversational AI solutions for RPA bots.