Dacris uses DRUID AI-powered chatbots to boost sales agents’ productivity

chatbot for sales dacris

DRUID announces the launch of CRIS – an AI powered chatbot that boosts sales agent productivity in Dacris, one of the largest office equipment and stationery suppliers in Romania, partner of the Staples Group in the United States. CRIS was designed, developed and deployed with support from Software Selector, one of Druid’s implementation partners.

The chatbot, named Cris, was built and trained by Software Selector to match Dacris’ needs to boost productivity for over 50 sales agents, by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. CRIS provides in real-time information on customers, contact persons, product lists and availability, orders, price lists and discounts, invoices and notices for the last 60 days and outstanding invoices per customer. CRIS sends alerts and notifications, generates reports and is fully integrated in the document approval flow.

To simplify the sales agents’ communication, CRIS can be accessed through the internal order management portal. User authentication is done automatically, and the chatbot is synchronized with the Dacris’ ERP system through an advanced SQL connector.

CRIS automatically filters data based on user roles and rights (role-based access control chatbot) – agents can only see data for their own customers, but managers can quickly get access to reports for all customers managed by agents in their team. Up to 10 super-users can be configured in the system, who can access all the customer data in the system.

„CRIS is helping us to reduce sales agents’ repetitive taks. On average, if each agent saves up to 10 minutes per day, this can have a positive financial impact on our business. Furthermore, agents can now focus on generating opportunities and additional revenue” stated Marilena Zamfir, Executive Director DACRIS.

„We appreciated and were happy to use the advantages of the Druid Chatbot Platform: versatility of conversation flow designer, the wide range of integration options with enterprise systems, and also the platform’s security features and scalability. Druid’s technological differentiators and Dacris’ active interest in AI technology, allowed us to implement this solution in only a couple of weeks”, said Stefăniţă Stoica, CEO Software Selector.

DRUID is the only Romanian company specialized in designing and developing Enterprise productivity chatbots, and one of the few global suppliers of chatbots that can deploy AI-driven chatbots in cloud, hybrid or on-premise. Hundreds of predefined conversational templates on roles, processes, and industries ensure production launches in just a few weeks.