E.ON Romania uses DRUID AI chatbots to automate utilities contract signing

E.ON Romania launches an AI chatbot that offers several options for digital interaction with customers, using DRUID technology.

E.ON Romania together with DRUID, a company specialized in conversational technology, announces the launch of the Ioana – an AI chatbot that offers several options for digital interaction with customers, such as online contracting of E.ON services, communication, and collection of data to generate customized reports, generating alerts regarding the company’s services.


  • The company’s customers will be able to contract services without physically going to E.ON stores;
  • The AI chatbot can access all the information and client history and submits the data about the newly contracted clients directly in the internal systems.

The project, which was implemented by Inform Lykos, also aimed to simplify access to existing information in various internal platforms so that contracting services is possible without customers going to the E.ON stores to activate contracts.

IOANA is hosted on the E.ON portal, at, continually communicating with the internal systems – the E.ON Myline application, the MS Dynamics 365 customer relations application, and with the internal document management. Thus, IOANA can access all the information and client history and submits the new customer data directly to the internal systems.

For existing customers, IOANA offers multiple options: contracting new services and products, account management. For acquiring a new service, such as a new gas or electricity contract in another location, IOANA only asks for confirmation that the identification data she knows is correct, then displays the service options.

For new customers, IOANA also provides information about E.ON services. After choosing the desired service, IOANA guides the user through all the steps necessary for a fully digitized enrollment: she requests a picture of the ID, the latest utility bill, and the property contract, automatically filling in the required data and asking the user to confirm that the information is correct. The integration between IOANA and the document management application allows saving all the client’s data in a virtual client file, one of the significant benefits of the solution.

“E.ON offers a completely digital, modern experience for both existing and new customers. Contracting services will be much easier and faster, in a few minutes, without the need to physically travel to a Customer Relations Center to activate contracts. IOANA will be more and more prepared to respond to other types of requests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, stated Ioan Șandru, Digital & IT Director for Customer Solutions, E.ON.

“I am glad that we have managed to extend a traditional collaboration of over 15 years, with a solution for digitizing an important process for E.ON. I am convinced that the modern, conversational experience will have a positive impact not only for contracting E.ON services, but also for the productivity of back-office employees.” said Manolis Kontos, Managing Director, Inform Lykos.

Liviu Drăgan, CEO DRUID stated: “The level of expertise and professionalism shown by Inform Lykos in the E.ON project, a technologically challenging project, makes me look forward to expanding our collaboration in conversational digitization projects to other markets, such as Greece or Austria. The benefits of such a solution are immense”.

The project, managed and implemented by Inform Lykos, involved analyzing E.ON processes in customer relations, implementing and configuring cloud infrastructure and DRUID conversational technology, integrating LiveChat for routing to human operators if questions cannot be answered automatically, training E.ON team agents, implementing the document archiving solution, integration with E.ON internal systems, but also developing and running functional, performance and stress tests.

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