DRUID Unleashes Next-Level Conversational AI Capabilities with ChatGPT Integration

DRUID and Microsoft empower businesses to expedite their digital transformation journey with the help of ChatGPT integration!

By incorporating ChatGPT's cutting-edge generative capabilities into their existing suite of conversational AI-powered solutions, DRUID empowers businesses to expedite their digital transformation journey, seize new opportunities, and excel in the ever-evolving digital era

DRUID, a global leader in conversational AI technology for enterprise productivity, is deepening its collaboration with Microsoft by integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service into its advanced conversational AI platform. This strategic integration combines the power of conversational and generative AI, delivering a robust and sophisticated solution for enterprise customers as they drive digitalization, optimize efficiency, and reduce costs. 

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations are breaking free from traditional constraints and embracing digital transformation to stay competitive and fuel revenue growth. Gartner reports that 91% of businesses are actively pursuing digital initiatives, with senior business leaders ranking digitalization as a top priority. The World Economic Forum predicts that digital transformation could generate an astounding $100 trillion in societal and industrial value by 2025. By incorporating ChatGPT's cutting-edge generative capabilities into their existing suite of conversational AI-powered solutions, DRUID empowers businesses to expedite their digital transformation journey, seize new opportunities, and excel in the ever-evolving digital era. 

DRUID's plug-and-play solutions offer businesses scalability and deep integration with Azure. Using the full potential of Azure OpenAI Service, DRUID delivers swift solution implementations from an extensive library, enabling customers to harness the speed and efficiency of conversational and generative AI. Furthermore, DRUID provides a robust enterprise deployment solution that adheres to stringent data governance policies and regulatory standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SOC 2. Unique mechanisms safeguard enterprise data, ensuring it does not influence the AI model and preserving data integrity. The solution is meticulously engineered to eliminate AI hallucinations, guaranteeing reliable and contextually appropriate responses. 

Through DRUID's user-friendly platform, enterprises gain the ability to develop personalized conversational business applications tailored to their specific needs, enhancing business processes and driving customer engagement. This transformation can lead to substantial operational efficiency gains of 20-30%, resulting in cost savings and a remarkable return on investment. Additionally, the integration of generative AI has the potential to automate work activities that currently consume 60 to 70 percent of employees' time, significantly boosting employee productivity. 

The incorporation of generative AI capabilities into DRUID's renowned conversational AI platform also marks a significant milestone in their journey towards achieving €16 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) by the end of this year. 

We are on the brink of a revolution in the AI space, as we integrate OpenAI's extraordinary capabilities into our state-of-the-art conversational AI solutions through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. This integration ushers in a new era of game-changing innovations that will reshape the industry’s landscape. By leveraging ’Azure OpenAI Service, we are streamlining business processes, supercharging the scalability and capabilities of intelligent virtual assistants, and unlocking unprecedented levels of customer personalization. It transforms how organizations engage with conversational AI, perfectly aligning with our vision of empowering enterprises to achieve more through transformative technology”, Liviu Dragan, DRUID CEO, said. 

“Our longstanding collaboration with Microsoft has been instrumental in driving transformative advancements in the conversational AI industry. Together, we have pushed the boundaries of innovation, delivering exceptional solutions to our customers. This collaboration continues to thrive, and our integration with Azure OpenAI Service is a testament to our shared commitment to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology”, Irina Dochitu, Vice President, Global Partners and Alliances at DRUID, added.  

"Bolstering their solutions with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, companies like DRUID create added value to their customers. Azure brings scalability, resilience, economic efficiencies, cybersecurity, and privacy protection, enhancing both the product and user experience", emphasizes Bogdan Putinică, Country Manager at Microsoft Romania and Moldova. "This integration will empower end users to unlock new insights and to be able to do more with less." 

It is a stride towards an AI-copiloted future where technology understands, learns, and evolves alongside human beings, reflecting DRUID’s enduring commitment to revolutionizing the conversational AI space and empowering companies to pioneer a new era of technological exploration.

DRUID ( is an end-to-end platform for building, deploying and scaling AI-driven conversational business applications, designed to deliver next-level employee productivity and the total customer experience in the most intuitive way. Acting as a front layer to all digital operations, DRUID unifies and enhances the existing technology landscape while mitigating app fatigue (learning and adapting to new systems). In addition, DRUID intelligent virtual assistants enable fast, personalized, omnichannel, and hyper-automated interactions while speaking each organization's language via open integrations with any existing enterprise systems and RPA technologies. Starting with 2018, DRUID actively builds on its vision to provide each employee with an intelligent virtual assistant, establishing an extensive 160+ partner network and servicing 200+ clients worldwide.


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