DRUID named a Major Contender in Everest Group's latest Conversational AI report

DRUID announces that it has been included as a Major Contender in "Conversational AI Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021", a report by Everest Group

DRUID, a leader in conversational AI technology for enterprise productivity, is proud to announce that it has been included as a Major Contender in "Conversational AI Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021", a recent report by Everest Group

The study comprises the most important companies around the globe driving innovation in this area with revolutionary, forward-thinking products, services, or technologies. Furthermore, in just two years from the product launch, DRUID succeeded in reaching the top three from the perspective of total value delivered and fourth from the implementation and support standpoint.

According to the report, DRUID is listed among the companies with the highest Year-over-Year percentage revenue growth in the conversational AI market. DRUID has a quickly expanding client base in various areas, including retail, healthcare, banking, technology, and travel. The platform has been assessed to be extremely adaptable since it can handle processes like IT support, HR assistance, and legal as well as customer and agent support. DRUID AI-powered chatbots recall context from prior interactions, can switch and keep track of them across multiple channels. DRUID develops production-ready chatbots with pre-built workflows and intents for internal process domains such as IT helpdesk and HR support. Customers have confirmed that these lead to a substantially shorter implementation time and a faster return on investment. The report also rated DRUID as one of the top three performers for the overall value delivered in hyper-automation projects.

DRUID brings conversational out-of-the-box capabilities to RPA robots from UiPath, a leading enterprise software automation company, adds enhanced cognitive services and simplifies automated tasks. Only DRUID virtual assistants can communicate and trigger actions with both UiPath attended and unattended robots to streamline complex end-to-end hyper-automation projects in a human-like manner. The power and accessibility of DRUID chatbots reside in the revolutionary proprietary NLP engine that natively supports over 45 languages and a unique entity-based data model. Simultaneously, over 500 pre-built conversational skills by roles, processes, and industries ensure fast time to value.

"It's exciting to see DRUID named a Major Contender in Conversational AI Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021. As one of the most powerful voices in the research industry, Everest Group has earned a reputation for excellence and impartiality. DRUID's selection in this year's survey, we feel, underlines our commitment to constant innovation and success in supplying enterprise conversational AI solutions. DRUID will continue to invest heavily and build on this already established market-leading technology, leveraging an ever-growing global partner ecosystem and a diverse client portfolio", said Daniel Balaceanu, DRUID's Head of Product.

The "Conversational AI Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021" report is authored by renowned industry analysts Anil Vijayan, Sharang Sharma, Akash Munjal, and Anubhav Das. The research examines conversational artificial intelligence (AI) global providers that offer unique solutions to serve consumers across many channels and satisfy business requirements, particularly during peak demand, to support internal processes like HR, IT helpdesk, sales, finance, and marketing.

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DRUID ( is a global leader in Conversational AI Automation. DRUID’s no-code platform enables enterprises to automate customer and employee communications using AI-driven virtual assistants. 500 predefined conversational skills and award-winning native connector with UiPath bots offer 3x-5x faster deployments. DRUID is available in any deployment scenario and supports conversations in any language and on any digital channel.

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