DRUID brings conversational AI automation for Christian Tour's travelers

DRUID virtual assistant will assist Christian Tour's travelers with personalized informations about trips and reservations, quickly and consistently

DRUID, a market leader in conversational AI solutions, has partnered with Christian Tour, one of Romania's largest tour operators, to develop a conversational virtual assistant that will assist travelers in receiving personalized offers and information quickly and consistently.

Christian, a dynamic and convenient conversational virtual assistant, available on the travel operator's website, allows for more fluid and less structured conversations than typical forms-based experiences, assisting users in easily selecting the travel destination that best suits them, and in making the process enjoyable. Thus, new customers can interact with Christian seamlessly upon entering the website and are guided to request personalized travel offers based on a variety of information they provide in the ensuing conversation. Christian Tour has a rich history of counseling and assisting its clients, and thanks to modern AI technology, the company will now be able to also present tourists with many relevant options for configuring their vacation for any destination.

Existing customers, on the other hand, can use Christian to receive updates on their planned trips and reservations, as well as ask related questions. The AI-powered virtual assistant also serves as a real-time feedback channel, collecting information that can help Christian Tour improve its overall user experience.

In today's travel industry, the rate of technological change and an increasingly tech-savvy and demanding consumer are challenging travel and tourism operators. We are thrilled with our collaboration with Christian Tour and our contribution to innovating how they engage with and retain customers. Conversational AI technology has the unrivaled ability to bring financial and ease-of-use benefits to experiences across a wide range of industries, and the travel industry is undoubtedly one of the most meaningful for the public", Liviu Dragan, CEO DRUID, noted.

With the enthusiasm of adventure characters, Christian, our virtual assistant, offers clients a travel offer that fully meets their needs, assists with reservation information, answers questions, or listens to feedback. The key to a successful holiday is correctly recognizing the tourist's needs and guiding him toward the most appropriate alternative. A couple's needs and expectations differ from those of a family with two children or a group of friends. Each of them has the right to go on a dream vacation, and Christian will now help us find exactly what people want to make the best suggestions. Furthermore, it is all done quickly and with a pleasant experience.", Christian Tour's CTO, Bogdan Cismariu, explained.

DRUID ( is an end-to-end platform for building AI-driven conversational business applications, designed to deliver next-level employee productivity and the total customer experience in the most intuitive way. DRUID intelligent virtual assistants enable fast, personalized, omnichannel, and hyper-automated interactions while speaking each organization’s language via open integrations with any existing enterprise systems and RPA technologies. Starting with 2018 DRUID actively builds on its vision to provide each employee with an intelligent virtual assistant, establishing an extensive 130+ partner network, most notably with UiPath, and servicing 100+ clients from around the world. 

About Christian Tour
From 1997 to the present, Christian Tour ( has become Romania's largest charter tour operator. It has accumulated know-how and experience, reaching the top and maintaining its leading position in the industry. This spectacular evolution has been perpetuated thanks to the constant work of a team of valuable people. Christian Tour has realized that beyond modern technology, customers still need professionals to offer them the best solutions and alternatives in terms of tourist destinations. With over 25 years of experience in tourism, Christian Tour has made the impossible possible and built "One way to every dream," which is its slogan and the symbolic, refined version of the brand promise.

Christian Tour is a founding member of Memento Group of Companies, the largest incoming tourism group, present on the Romanian market since 2011. Since the beginning of time, people have had a special fascination with exploring and seeking new adventures. Every trip is a unique opportunity for discovery. Memento Group  represents a group of companies that, through the tourist services created, aims to inspire all travelers to discover experiences and adventures.

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