DRUID Chatbots gain electronic signature capabilities with help from Namirial technology

DRUID, a company specialized in developing AI-powered chatbots for enterprise companies, announces a technology partnership with Namirial, one of the global leaders in Digital Transaction Management. […]

DRUID, a company specialized in developing AI-powered chatbots for enterprise companies, announces a technology partnership with Namirial, one of the global leaders in Digital Transaction Management. Through this partnership, users will be able to apply electronic signatures on documents through Druid chatbots, in both office and work-from-home environments.

By integrating Namirial, the electronic signature of a digital document can be done through any DRUID chatbot, in any scenario, such as: at the point of sale, at the point of service, mobile sales, remote signing (employees working remotely or working from home), or internal document signing. The chatbot will automatically apply to any document the electronic signature type specific to the internal flow, role and user rights (standard, advanced or qualified electronic signature). The digital documents are archived electronically, carrying advanced timestamps, in full compliance with Romanian, European and international laws.

Thus, a company can now fully benefit from the digital transformation of key business processes in just a matter of days: customer onboarding, remote employment contract signing, signing client or provider contracts, internal document flows for leave requests, expense requests, certificates, time sheets, and do all of this in a natural, conversational interface via DRUID’s AI-powered chatbots. Digital documents with a qualified electronic signature will be assimilated to official documents, as defined by law.

The electronic signature capabilities will be available in all DRUID chatbots. Christina, the chatbot for human resources, has already been configured with approval flows for managers, advanced reports for working from home scenarios, generating digital certificates for employees (ex. the COVID-19 travel certificate) during the lockdown imposed by the authorities. All internal documents such as leave requests, time sheets, expense requests, certificate, employment contracts, can be signed electronically with Christina’s help. The manager’s chatbot assistant, allows signing client and supplier contracts, operational budgets, employment contracts, in just a couple of minutes, by simply going through the electronic signature process.

„When a document needs to be signed by several employees which are physically at different locations, printing the documents, signing them and sending via courier services is no longer a solution, but a problem. We’re practically giving all our customers the opportunity to electronically sign documents, at any time, any place, through any device connected to the internet. The introduction of the electronic signature shows the focus and speed we have to adapt to the new context caused by COVID-19.” stated Liviu Drăgan, CEO DRUID.

„Namirial services comply with all legal regulations in force, as well as the EU Regulation on electronic identities and digital signatures (eIDAS). We also comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Directives (AMLD). DRUID can now offer, in a conversational way, end-to-end customer enrollment processes. Clients can be identified by a remote video session, which includes the verification of ID documents, the remote issuing of a qualified certificate (if necessary) and signing of documents, thus carrying out a fast onboarding process which takes no more than 10 minutes”, declares Adrian Dinculescu, Namirial Partnership & Alliance Manager.

DRUID ( is a high-tech company that develops chatbots for Enterprise companies. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful smart virtual assistants engaged in specific conversations across roles, processes or industries.

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