AKOA and DRUID team up to deploy hyper-automation projects across Europe and USA

AKOA and DRUID provide AI chatbots and UiPath RPA automation solutions for companies in Europe and United States


AKOA, one of the leading automation providers that leverages the benefits of AI and RPA, announces it has entered into a partnership with DRUID, specialists in conversational AI, to offer world-class conversational solutions in large hyperautomation projects across Europe and United States of America.

The two companies will collaborate in the implementation of enterprise virtual assistants across a variety of industries, including Banking, Insurance, Public Sector, and Forestry.

Enterprise demand for AI-driven virtual assistants is on the rise as focus shifts toward business outcomes and digital engagement. People are increasingly relying on technology to be able to solve problems on their own, and they expect to do it instantly, no matter where they are located. DRUID technology allows enterprises to easily deploy intelligent virtual assistants, while saving time and money through automation and boosting user experience. Intelligent virtual assistants use natural language to accept and take action on virtually any data or document request within an enterprise’s technology ecosystem. Available in more than 45 languages, DRUID offers 600 predefined conversational templates targeting specific roles and processes. Moreover, DRUID brings conversational capabilities to RPA bots and simplifies the completion of automated tasks, managing both attended and unattended robots in a natural, human-like manner.

“We are confident that this partnership with Druid enables us to help our clients broaden their automation toolbox with best-in-class AI-driven virtual assistants. We expect that Druid’s AI-driven chatbots will be fundamental in many of our client’s Automation Journeys going forward.”, said Fredrika Gyllang, Global Marketing Manager AKOA.

“The new normal demands a new way to work and it’s our job to offer companies these new ways to engage with empathy and scale customer experiences across multiple channels. AKOA will play a crucial role in exposing the benefits of our technology in Europe and USA. Their deep expertise in automations will help enterprises to reshape modern work so their employees can work more productively, more efficiently, and more profitably”, stated Irina Dochiţu, Partner Account Manager, DRUID SA.

DRUID ( can be deployed either on the most secured cloud infrastructures, or can run entirely on client infrastructure, with no external AI providers allowed to interfere with confidential information. Hybrid deployments are also available, to stay flexible enough to offload just insensitive data to cloud servers to reduce processing costs.

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