Sermicro Digital Group and DRUID AI sign strategic alliance to expand artificial intelligence in Southern Europe and Latin America

Sermicro Digital Group and DRUID AI have strengthened their strategic partnership to market the generative AI and Intelligent Automation platform, utilizing natural language, across Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

London, 21 March 2024 - Sermicro Digital Group and DRUID AI have consolidated their strategic alliance for the commercialisation of the generative AI and Intelligent Automation platform, based on natural language, in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, thus becoming their strategic partner in these key markets, which is an important milestone in the integration and expansion of these advanced AI solutions.

The strategic agreement with DRUID AI in Spain, Portugal and Latin America covers all AI marketing and consulting activities, including development of customer solutions, managed services and support to distributors.

According to Javier Menéndez Frías, Director of Alliances of the Sermicro Digital Group: "This agreement allows, on one hand, DRUID AI to expand its international presence in Southern Europe and LATAM by the hand of a solvent partner and, on the other hand, consolidates the AI offer of Sermicro Digital Group, with a leading platform that uses data and machine learning algorithms to think, decide or act, based on the information provided, essential for the implementation of intelligent management and hyper-automation in various fields (Public / Citizen Procedures, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, etc.) and sectors (Public Administration, Banking, Insurance, Health, Retail, Education, etc.)".

Additionally, Ángel García Lorenzo, Director of Corporate Strategy at Sermicro Digital Group, says: "This alliance strengthens our ability to integrate AI in the digital transformation processes we are implementing in our customers, especially in the business processes of companies and administrations that require fluidity and precision when interacting naturally with people.

Thanks to the robustness of the DRUID AI platform, we have the guarantee of providing a solvent, secure, and evolving environment that is critical for the constant technological transformation of the digital transformation itself, becoming the platform approved by our Digital Intelligence Consulting business area in ad-hoc digital transformation projects.”

"Our partnership with Sermicro Digital Group is more than just working together; it's about combining DRUID AI's advanced conversational AI with Sermicro Digital Group's digital transformation expertise. We aim to set new standards in the industry for innovation and excellence. Together, we're working on creating solutions that not only improve current business processes but also anticipate future technological developments. This effort ensures our clients remain ahead in the digital transformation journey within the AI sector across multiple regions and markets," concludes Irina Dochitu, Head of Channels and Alliances at DRUID AI.

This alliance marks a milestone in the expansion of AI solutions in Southern Europe and LATAM, as well as the continued evolution of this technology, promising a bright future for artificial intelligence in the digital transformation of businesses and administrations.

About DRUID:  
DRUID ( is an end-to-end platform for building, deploying, and scaling AI-driven Conversational Business Applications, designed to deliver next-level employee productivity and the total customer experience in the most intuitive way. Acting as a front layer to all digital operations, DRUID unifies and enhances the existing technology landscape while mitigating app fatigue (learning and adapting to new systems). In addition, DRUID intelligent virtual assistants enable fast, personalized, omnichannel, and hyper-automated interactions while speaking each organization's language via open integrations with any existing enterprise systems and RPA technologies. Starting in 2018, DRUID actively builds on its vision to provide each employee with an intelligent virtual assistant, establishing an extensive 160+ partner network and servicing 250+ clients worldwide.

About Sermicro Digital Group: 

Sermicro Digital Group ( is a set of consolidated companies in the technology sector that specialized in the Digital Transformation of organizations, offering solutions and services for more than 4 decades. With a solid reputation backed by the trust of its customers, it has a wide range of digital services and solutions related to digital transformation, such as Applications and Data, Cybersecurity, Digital Workplace, Infrastructures and Cloud, Communications, AI Consulting, Sustainable Logistics, etc. Our focus on quality, innovation, sustainability, and continuous improvement is embodied in our operational centers, which apply the latest technologies and methodologies to offer efficient and customized solutions to our clients. In this way, we contribute to the economic, social, and environmental development of our surroundings.

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