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Major supermarket uses DRUID AI chatbots and UiPath RPA to automate HR in 1400 stores

PROFI retail chain uses DRUID AI chatbots and UiPath RPA to automate employee onboarding and other HR processes in over 1400 stores

DRUID, the AI chatbot assistant provider for enterprise companies, and PwC Romania, one of the largest global audit and consulting companies, announce an agreement with PROFI, the largest network of supermarkets and convenience stores in Romania, to simplify HR processes with DRUID chatbots. The solution was designed and implemented by PwC Romania, a DRUID strategic partner.

“The integration of DRUID AI chatbots with UiPath robots allows for superior productivity in complex processes, but also a simpler and friendlier interaction with employees. PROFI is an example of a company that understands the competitive advantages that technology offers”, stated Liviu Dragan, DRUID’s CEO.

The DRUID AI chatbot implementation was initiated as the PROFI network needed to provide a solution for the heads of the almost 1,400 stores and logistics centers to automate the time-consuming HR admin activities. The staff turnover for the 16,000 employees results in multiple administrative tasks for store managers, logistic center managers, and HR staff. Each store manager had to manually fill in and submit all employment forms and contracts, employee records, internal timesheets, and other activities specific to human resources.

“The solution proposed by PwC involved the design and training of an AI chatbot integrated with HR software systems, but also with UiPath RPA bots, that automates all activities related to the generation of employment contracts and staff integration within the company”, explained Gabriel Voicilă, Technology Partner, PwC Romania.

Thus, the AI chatbot automatically collects data from the identity card through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), supports the candidate to fill in the rest of the necessary information in the employment documents, then sends the finalized employment contract. Each new employee has an electronic file created automatically, with all the associated documents, so notifications regarding new employees’ enrollment status are sent fast, and PROFI staff can access information quickly. The chatbot also assists by automating the generation of certificates and documents.

“The fact that our network grows every year with hundreds of stores, adding thousands of new employees, makes it imperative to use cutting-edge solutions that constantly streamline our performance,” said Diana Stoica, HR Director of the Profi Rom network Food. “We expect UiPath robots to lead to exactly such a result.”

DRUID ( is a high-tech company that provides a fully no-code AI chatbot design platform for Enterprise companies and one of the few global suppliers that cover all types of deployment – cloud, hybrid, and fully on-premise. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful AI virtual assistants for any role, process, or industry. DRUID is also engaged in a global partnership with UiPath to provide conversational AI solutions for RPA bots.

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