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Top global retailer automates HR processes with DRUID chatbots and UiPath RPA

Carrefour Romania launches a digital ecosystem that integrates the first recruitment chatbot interface on the Romanian market built with UIPath RPA technology, in partnership with two local companies: DRUID and RPAbox.

Carrefour Romania launches a digital ecosystem that integrates the first recruitment chatbot interface on the Romanian market built with UIPath RPA technology, in partnership with two local companies: DRUID and RPAbox. This new system revolutionizes the recruitment process and automates the interaction with employees and candidates.

Integrated both internally and externally, through a simple, clean, robust and intuitive interface, Ema is a digital ecosystem that automates human resources processes, built by Carrefour in partnership with DRUID, a Romanian company specialized in developing AI chatbots, which Carrefour used to integrate conversational technology and RPAbox, a company specialized in implementing solutions based on UiPath RPA (robotic process automation).

Both companies successfully use UiPath technology to help organizations around the world automate repetitive activities, so that teams can invest their energy in tasks that enable true human added value.

Through the external interface on the Careers page of the Carrefour website (, Ema guides the candidates step by step to get to the desired job as quickly and efficiently as possible, through a personalized, friendly and intuitive conversation, in compliance with GDPR regulations. Candidates have the opportunity to apply for any store where there is a vacancy by choosing their preferred city and the type of job. Once the application is registered, the candidate’s profile reaches the recruiting manager directly, the interview is confirmed instantly, and both the candidates and the managers are informed by SMS in the key moments of the recruitment process.

The internal interface is integrated into the company’s internal applications and is easily accessible from any device with an internet connection. By automatically detecting the authenticated user in the organization, Ema can display two other different interfaces, depending on the type of position held by the employee.

The first interface, which automates the recruitment and hiring process, is dedicated to recruitment managers and the human resources team, being integrated with the Carrefour website’s Careers page. This brings enormous time and efficiency benefits to managers in more than 360 Carrefour stores across the country, key benefits for the organization’s future plans. The second is accessible to all employees in the company who have an internal Carrefour user. For them, Ema knows how to provide instant answers, at any time, to the most frequently asked questions related to certificates, holidays, health insurance, or other information related to the compensation and benefits package, mobility, policies, and various human resources processes. Depending on the questions received, Ema is continuously trained and updated by the project team to answer a wide range of questions without directing the user to a human resources representative.

“Adopting and incorporating modern technology, like robots, artificial intelligence, and automation – all these are part of Carrefour’s strategy to accelerate digital transformation. Today, Carrefour’s human resources are entering a whole new era: no paperwork, no wasted time with tasks that do not bring real value to Operational managers, with much simplified or automated processes and extremely easy-to-use systems. We are in the process of migrating to a new system – in fact, a complete ecosystem, which includes SAP, Success Factors, plus a customized timekeeping and scheduling application. The possibility of simple integration of Emma with the new human resources systems was the basic requirement for this product, and all the chatbot integrations that will be created after the migration will bring even more time gained to our operational colleagues.”Irina Chende, Interim HR Director, Carrefour România.

“The operating speed in our stores is intense. Ema was born from the need to reduce as much as possible the time allocated to HR administrative tasks and to transform the back office of the operational recruitment process to a simple push of a button. Through this new interface, unique in Romania, the Carrefour stores managers have gained time to dedicate to customers, their teams and quality interactions with candidates. Every day, the operational team is with customers and makes a colossal effort to adapt to any context and to provide quality services, so Ema helps them in internal processes because it gives them flexibility and efficiency in the recruitment process.” - Cătălin Samara, Operational Director of Carrefour Romania.

In November, Carrefour Romania ( invites candidates on the Careers section of the Carrefour website to meet Ema, the new digital colleague from Human Resources, which provides a customized experience for all users.

DRUID ( is a high-tech company that provides a fully no-code AI chatbot design platform for Enterprise companies and one of the few global suppliers that cover all types of deployment – cloud, hybrid, and fully on-premise. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful AI virtual assistants for any role, process, or industry. DRUID is also engaged in a global partnership with UiPath to provide conversational AI solutions for RPA bots.

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