Grupo Novatech is deploying automation in Latin America with DRUID AI chatbots

Grupo Novatech is deploying automation in Latin America with DRUID AI chatbots

Grupo Novatech, one of the leading digital transformation solution providers in Latin America, is partnering with DRUID, specialists in conversational AI, to engage with emerging conversational automation sector in Latin America.

The two companies will collaborate in the implementation of AI-driven virtual assistants in hyperautomation projects in a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution, and Telecommunications.

To serve the growing demand for digital assistant chatbots in data security-sensitive industries, Novatech has selected the DRUID technology because it can be deployed either on the most secured cloud infrastructures, or can run entirely on client infrastructure, with no external AI providers allowed to interfere with customer data.

Thus, Novatech will provide companies support in designing and implementing conversational automation projects in any deployment scenario. DRUID hybrid deployments, with the chatbot running in the cloud, securely connected with the on-premises systems, are also available, to stay flexible enough to offload insensitive data to cloud servers to reduce processing costs.

DRUID AI chatbots also bring conversational capabilities to RPA bots, adds enhanced cognitive services, and simplifies the completion of automated tasks. The award winning UiPath connector can trigger RPA processes directly from chat, can ask for real-time human feedback and provides statistics from UiPath Orchestrator. The chatbot assistants can be integrated with both attended and unattended robots to simplify complex end-to-end hyperautomation projects.

“Partnering with DRUID means helping our customers to achieve more by empowering them with world-class AI-driven chatbots that enhance their automated processes through omnichannel text and voice conversations.” stated José Samaniego, BD & Marketing, Novatech.

“We believe combining Robotic Process Automation with conversational AI technology provides incredible value and efficiency for customers. Together with Novatech’s deep expertise in accelerating digital transformation, we will help businesses reimagine what is possible with conversational artificial intelligence” stated Irina Dochiţu, Partner Account Manager, DRUID.

With a proprietary NLP engine available in more than 45 languages, DRUID offers 600 predefined conversational templates targeting specific roles and processes. Instead of just answering simple questions through the recognition of key words, DRUID chatbots can also create organic and intelligent conversations. This is all accomplished with the help of a flow and process editor based on various machine learning algorithms. Novatech will provide support in designing and implementing chatbot flows on multiple digital communication channels such as WhatsApp Business, MS Teams, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack or corporate webpages.

DRUID is a high-tech company that provides a fully no-code AI chatbot design platform for Enterprise companies and one of the few global suppliers that cover all types of deployment – cloud, hybrid, and fully on-premise. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful AI virtual assistants for any role, process, or industry. DRUID is also engaged in a global partnership with UiPath to provide conversational AI solutions for RPA bots.

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