Smartbill meets the needs of customers 24/7 with the help of DRUID AI Chatbots

SmartBill meets the needs of customers 24/7 with the help of DRUID

SmartBill, a market leader in billing and stock management solutions, announces its partnership with DRUID for the launch of Bill, a chatbot that will simplify how users of the application receive assistance around the clock, for a better digital user experience.

Bill provides answers to a comprehensive selection of over 500 predefined questions. Thus, regardless of whether they are on the site or in the mobile application, SmartBill users can receive answers on using solutions, billing methods, activating subscriptions, adding stocks, returns, and creating cancellation invoices, clearing invoices, but also many other things, information specific to billing and management activities. Depending on the complexity of the user's request and taking into account the work schedule of the SmartBill technical support center, the chatbot can redirect the user to a human operator.

When Bill is contacted directly through the mobile app, he recognizes the customer without the need for additional login information and may provide tailored support. This is yet another way to personalize the client experience.

"We strongly believe that technology can improve our lives and our businesses. We believe that, as the detached market leader, we must use and amplify it in order to better address the needs of each of our 50,000 consumers. Bill, the chatbot, will help SmartBill’s mission to be the best friend of the Romanian entrepreneur, available 24/7, without the restrictions of strict schedules or days off", Cristina Boarteș, Sales & Customer Experience Manager, SmartBill, noted.

"The days of the old-fashioned customer interaction are over. The pandemic led to visible changes in the companies' behavior towards their clients. In the new reality, giving a quick response to a customer exactly when they need it can make a real difference in a business. The partnership with SmartBill aims to increase and improve communication opportunities with its customers. SmartBill is an example of successful Romanian entrepreneurship, and we are proud to accompany them in this journey", added Liviu Drăgan, CEO of DRUID. 

DRUID ( is a global leader in Conversational AI Automation. DRUID’s no-code platform enables enterprises to automate customer and employee communications using AI-driven virtual assistants. 500 predefined conversational skills and award-winning native connector with UiPath bots offer 3x-5x faster deployments. DRUID is available in any deployment scenario and supports conversations in any language and on any digital channel.

About SmartBill
Developed in 2007 by entrepreneurs Radu Hasan, Ioana Hasan, and Mircea Căpăţînă, SmartBill is currently the most used and appreciated stock management and billing program on the Romanian market, with over 55,000 customers.

SmartBill ( addresses a wide range of clients, from authorized persons, small and medium-sized companies to multinationals in all industries. Through the SmartBill application, more than 2,000,000 invoices are issued monthly, and more than 2 billion euros are invoiced every year.

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