DRUID AI announces strategic partnership with Mobinology Asia

Mobinology teams up with DRUID to enable AI-driven conversational capabilities in large digital transformation projects across the APAC region.

A new strategic partnership just sprung in the Asian technology market – Mobinology teams up with DRUID to enable AI-driven conversational capabilities in large digital transformation projects across the APAC region.

Mobinology Asia is a major business software solution provider, specialized in delivering innovative solutions for data-driven marketing and customer engagement, while DRUID is a leader in conversational AI technologies for Enterprise organizations that want to save time and money through virtual assistants while boosting user experience. The collaboration aims to facilitate the implementation of conversational RPAs across a variety of industries, such as retail, utilities, tourism, and other services.

DRUID conversational technology offers bi-directional communication between humans and machines and can be deployed in any scenario – cloud, hybrid, or on-premises. The power and simplicity of DRUID chatbots lie in the revolutionary proprietary NLP engine that natively supports over 45 languages, while over 500 pre-built conversational skills by roles, processes, and industries ensure fast time to value. Moreover, the award-winning native connector with UiPath adds conversational capabilities to the industry’s first hyper-automation platform.

We believe this partnership will enhance our implementation capabilities and actions, and help our clients realize the real benefits of the most comprehensive Conversational AI platform on the market today. By adding Mobinology’s cutting-edge solutions for data-driven marketing and customer engagement to DRUID’s conversational technology, we can better support our portfolio of clients and bring added value to the market” said Kenneth Chung, Head of Sales, Mobinology Asia.

Through this partnership, both businesses will contribute to the expansion of the conversational RPA services and solutions to Mobinology’s clients across Asia.

“We are confident that Mobinology Asia will help leverage the benefits of the DRUID technology across the APAC region. Mobinology and DRUID have the same belief — AI can make our lives easier with tailor-made solutions that allow humans to focus more on decision-making and creativity rather than repetitive activities. We are joyous about this new partnership and are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.”, stated Irina Dochiţu, Channel Manager, DRUID.

DRUID ( is a global leader in Conversational AI Automation. DRUID’s no-code platform enables enterprises to automate customer and employee communications using AI-driven chatbots. 500 predefined conversational skills and award-winning native connector with UiPath bots offer 3x-5x faster deployments. DRUID is available in any deployment scenario and supports conversations in any language and on any digital channel. DRUID client portfolio includes Raiffeisen, BRD, Orange, Telekom, Carrefour, Servier and many more.

About Mobinology
Headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, Mobinology is one of the major software solutions providers founded in 2008 specialized in providing business applications for customers in Hong Kong and Macau.

Well-versed with latest technology knowledge in artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing and mobile technologies, our subject matter experts empower our customers with advanced solutions to rapidly deploy, reinvent and extend their strategies and applications to create unprecedented competitive advantages to meet their strategic business needs.

Our solutions, which are highly adaptive and scalable, include board-range of applications in digital transformation, mobile device applications, conversational AI, cognitive analytics and customer relationships management.

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