DRUID AI Powers Transformation at Alpha Bank Romania by enhancing the bank’s Virtual Assistant "Dana"

DRUID AI has successfully implemented its advanced virtual assistant technology, Dana, at Alpha Bank, enhancing digital customer interactions. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in Alpha Bank's digital strategy, demonstrating its commitment to innovative and excellent customer service. Dana, now provides automated customer assistance through web chat on Alpha Bank's official website, allowing customers to perform various banking operations autonomously, such as checking account balances, retrieving IBANs, managing security devices, and accessing detailed product information anytime and anywhere.

Bucharest, 9 July 2024 - DRUID AI, a leader in innovative artificial intelligence solutions, is proud to announce its latest achievement in enhancing digital customer interactions through the successful implementation of its advanced virtual assistant technology at Alpha Bank Romania, one of the country's leading financial institutions and a member of the prestigious Alpha Bank Group. 


This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in Alpha Bank Romania's digital strategy, reinforcing its commitment to excellence in customer service and innovation. Through Dana, DRUID AI has provided Alpha Bank with a sophisticated tool that is redefining the standards of customer engagement and self-service in the banking industry.  

With Druid AI technology, Dana enables now Alpha Bank Romania to offer automated customer assistance services through web chat on the bank's official website ( This enhancement allows customers to perform various banking operations autonomously, such as checking account balances, retrieving IBANs, managing security devices, and accessing detailed information about their banking products and services, anytime and anywhere.  

"We are thrilled to witness the enhancement of Dana at Alpha Bank Romania, marking a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize customer service through AI. Dana represents more than just a virtual assistant; it embodies the future of banking, where convenience, efficiency, and accessibility are paramount. We are proud to partner with Alpha Bank Romania in this venture, setting new standards for digital engagement and customer satisfaction in the financial industry," said Liviu Dragan, CEO of DRUID. 

“Dana is now set to broaden its range of support capabilities through web chat. This is a proof of our dedication to adopting advanced technologies that meet our customers' evolving needs. Dana perfectly embodies our vision of modern, efficient, and customer-centric banking services. While we continue to provide human-assisted support for complex or personalized needs, Dana enables us to leverage all the facilities that technology offers in the banking field", said Cristian Dragos, Executive Vice President Retail of Alpha Bank Romania. 

DRUID AI and Alpha Bank Romania are committed to continuously enhancing Dana's functionality to cater to a broader spectrum of customer needs. Currently accessible to individual account holders for online interactions through the bank's web chat platform, Dana is poised for further development to encompass even more services and capabilities. Customers can access Dana directly from the Assistance section on Alpha Bank's website: 

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