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Asirom Vienna Insurance Group deploys DRUID conversational AI assistant for telemedicine, building on Telios Care know-how

Asirom Vienna Insurance Group launches a DRUID conversational AI assistant to improve customer experience.

Asirom Vienna Insurance Group continues its digitalization strategy by launching a conversational AI assistant from DRUID to improve customer experience. Thanks to it, customers can benefit from telemedicine services or make appointments in clinics directly from a smartphone or laptop, thereby removing call center wait times.

The intelligent virtual assistant will be available to all the company's customers via the Asirom or Telios Care online platforms. The solution is implemented using the expertise of Telios Care, a provider of telemedicine services, with the help of DRUID AI conversational technology.

In recent years, the insurance market’s digitalization has increased due to an ever-growing penetration of fintech solutions. Asirom VIG considers this trend a development opportunity within the company's larger strategy of increasing the degree of transformation.

“Asirom’s digitalization strategy is based on using new technologies in all essential processes, and, with the help of this new virtual assistant, our clients will benefit from superior response speeds when it comes to approving medical services or scheduling consultations, all in the context of a user experience that is 100% digital, simple and secure. The mobility of insurance policyholders is constantly increasing, which is why we aim to provide our clients with access to telemedicine services from anywhere and anytime. The virtual assistant developed for Asirom by capitalizing on Telios Care’s know-how and using DRUID AI conversational technology responds to the need for the approval of medical services according to the Asirom policy, for telemedicine services and appointments of policyholders in the clinic, quickly and, without any more waiting times in the call center", Cristian Ionescu, President of the Asirom VIG Directorate, said.

The new virtual support service can be accessed by Asirom customers easily, intuitively, and efficiently by accessing the website.

The conversational AI assistant presents multiple advantages: it supports the approval of medical services with the secure transmission of medical documents, makes clinic appointments, and performs and schedules telemedicine consultations. Other benefits include the speed and simplicity offered by quick access to automated insurance policy approval services, as well as to appointments – without call center waiting times - and the ability to chat instantly with a medical assistant.

Thus, for example, beneficiaries can quickly ask for the approval of a series of additional services in the clinic without needing to place a call or lose time waiting when calling the call center. These services include appointments for consults, chatting with an assistant from inside the clinic, scheduling an investigation in a clinic, and accessing documents before and after investigations.

“Telios Care is constantly innovating, adding new specialties and functionality designed to facilitate quick access to telemedicine services, directly and without waiting times. We are always open to suggestions for improvement. This is how we responded to the challenge launched by the partnership with Asirom and DRUID AI, to deliver telemedicine services as directly as possible, without waiting times, from anywhere and anytime", Philip Choban, CEO of Telios Care, noted.

In the past, Asirom has launched the Hotline Medical service to handle employee health insurance policies. They can access medical assistance provided by Telios Care via phone, online, and video calls in an easy-to-use manner from anywhere and anytime. At the same time, its existing history of collaboration with DRUID AI, a company specializing in creating conversational AI assistants for enterprises, made the development of this project a natural continuation of the efforts that ASIROM had already made until now.

"The insurance industry’s future will be closely tied to its ability to build better customer experiences and relationships. The conversational AI solutions offered by DRUID AI can significantly simplify this process, allowing companies like ASIROM to better interact with customers and naturally answer their needs and questions anytime. We are pleased to have joined forces with Telios Care to jointly develop a project that provides exceptional customer experiences and helps increase internal productivity and employee satisfaction", Liviu Drăgan, CEO of DRUID AI, explained.

The virtual telemedicine assistant developed by Telios Care for Asirom with DRUID AI technology is part of the company's digitalization strategy, which primarily focuses on increasing the efficiency and fluidity of communicating with customers.

DRUID is a global leader in Conversational AI Automation. DRUID’s no-code platform enables enterprises to automate customer and employee communications using AI-driven virtual assistants. Five hundred predefined conversational skills and award-winning native connector with UiPath bots offer 3x-5x faster deployments. DRUID is available in any deployment scenario and supports conversations in any language and digital channel.

About ASIROM Vienna Insurance Group
Asirom VIG is one of the most important insurance companies, with 30 years of experience in Romania. The company has a national network of 140 agencies, 1,500 active agents, and numerous external partners. Asirom is part of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), a company with over 200 years of experience in the financial field and a leader in the insurance market in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. VIG manages 50 insurance companies in 30 countries and has over 25,000 employees. The group has the best rating in the ATX index on the Austrian stock market and is also listed on the Prague Stock Exchange.

About Telios Care
Telios Care is a Romanian market telemedicine pioneer in telemedicine, bringing over 25 years of US experience in remote healthcare services thanks to its founding members. In 2017, Philip Choban and the other founding members, Lucian Coșoi, Matt Henry (in the USA), and Dr. Adrian Danciu, founded the first dedicated telemedicine service in Romania. In its five years on the market, it has offered telemedicine services for more than 200 companies in Romania, covering over 110,000 employees and 23 medical specialties. The Telios Care team shares the same vision – access to quality medical services anytime and anywhere. A more accessible doctor's visit is a better doctor's visit. In support of this vision, it transforms how beneficiaries and companies use their time and resources.

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