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ASIROM and DRUID launch Clara, the first AI chatbot which issues insurance policies in Romania

ASIROM, part of Vienna Insurance Group, one of the largest international insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe, announces the launch of Clara.

ASIROM, part of Vienna Insurance Group, one of the largest international insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe, announces the launch of Clara, the first AI-driven chatbot to issue travel insurance policies. Clara was developed in collaboration with Druid and was launched in production in just one month.

The partnership with DRUID came as a result of ASIROM’s desire to offer a 100% digital alternative to issuing travel insurance policies in maximum 10 minutes, from any Internet connected device. Clara was born and raised in DRUID’s incubator lab, a company specialized in designing, educating and equipping intelligent virtual assistants with the latest cognitive technologies.

Clara integrates OCR technology whereby scanning, sending and validating data from personal IDs can be performed in seconds. Clara is integrated with ING Bank for digital payments and permanently communicates through web services API with the internal system used by ASIROM. The entire data processing is approved by the user, who automatically receives by email the data processing agreement according to the GDPR regulations, the payment confirmation and the insurance policy, in less than 10 minutes from the beginning of the process.

“Clara is just a first step that ASIROM takes in developing new channels for issuing insurance policies, in a 100% digital, mobile and modern experience. We started with the travel policies, but we are also considering future chatbots for health insurance or car insurance policies.” says Cristian Ionescu, Managing President, ASIROM.

“Clara has an impressive amount of knowledge. In just a few weeks she learned all the travel insurance cases, regardless of whether we are traveling for work, tourism, business, sports or professional drivers. It offers alternatives and recommendations, knows the prices according to the travel areas, knows the types of compensation for medical expenses, hospitalizations, deaths, or luggage losses. Clara is a literate assistant who is available 24 hours a day”, added Liviu Drăgan, DRUID’s CEO.

DRUID ( is the only Romanian company specialized in designing and developing Enterprise productivity chatbots, and one of the few global suppliers of chatbots that can deploy AI-driven chatbots for any business model – cloud, hybrid or on-premise. Hundreds of predefined conversational templates for roles, processes, and industries ensure chatbots are production-ready in just a few weeks.

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