DRUID enables new chatbot skills for electronic signature capabilities with QSCD

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DRUID announces the signing of a technological partnership with certSIGN, the largest certification authority in Romania. With this partnership, conversations through DRUID chatbots will be highly secured, electronic signatures being created with certSIGN’s Paperless solution, which is certified in the European Union as a qualified electronic signature creation device (QSCD).

The partnership aims to develop a connector with certSIGN technology, so that organizations wishing to adopt virtual assistants with electronic signature skills offered by certSIGN, have quick access to a solution tested and configured by the two companies.

By integrating with certSIGN, all DRUID virtual assistants gain the ability to securely transmit information, as well as new electronic signature capabilities, including qualified signature provided by certSIGN. The digital documents are subsequently archived electronically, bearing time stamps, fully compliant with both the Romanian and the European legislation in force.

„By adding certSIGN to the list of connectors with authorized electronic signature providers, DRUID remains true to its strategy of providing a conversational hub connected with the latest technologies. DRUID chatbots are powered not only by predefined conversational flows for any industry, roles or business processes, but also by the technologies needed to increase the productivity and digital experience for enterprise organizations”, declared Daniel Bălaceanu, Head of Products, DRUID.

„Through the partnership with DRUID, which has managed to offer the market extremely innovative solutions in a very short time since its establishment, we’re confident in building a solid, long-term relationship. Together with the electronic signature solutions, certSIGN brings its expertise in the digitization processes for banking, retail, utilities or human resources, as well as the possibility to offer local technical support, including on site. This ensures the rapid integration of chatbots with electronic signature functionality into customer systems, stated Aurel Meiroșu, Business Development Manager certSIGN.

Druid is a high-tech company that develops chatbots for Enterprise companies. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful smart virtual assistants engaged in specific conversations across roles, processes or industries.