Apple Premium Reseller uses DRUID chatbots to automate customer support processes

chatbot customer support automation

DRUID, an European company that develops AI chatbots for enterprise businesses,  signed an agreement with iSTYLE, the largest chain of Apple Premium Reseller stores in Central and Eastern Europe, to design and develop a chatbot that will streamline technical support activities provided by the customer service center based in Bucharest. The chatbot will be deployed in other 6 european countries by the end of 2020.

The partnership with DRUID was based on iSTYLE’s need to automate time consuming tasks in the service desk area. Currently, the same customer support agent manages requests, fills the client case details, identifies products and defects, schedules products for servicing, manages the customer relationship and solves the reported incidents. The identified solution involves designing and training a customer support chatbot that would relieve the agents of tasks that can be automated, so they can spend more times on tasks that generate revenue.

Nicknamed “ALEX”, iSTYLEs’ new digital colleague was trained to answer to 10 types of services for all the 50 products in their portfolio. ALEX is able to answer instantly to FAQs, without involving a human agent. In case an incident is reported, ALEX collects the necessary data to fill in the customer file through conversation – the reported defect, automatically identifies product model and the desired service, instantly builds a price offer and schedules the product for servicing in one of iSTYLE’s authorized repair centers.

Furthermore, ALEX verifies the status of the repair and notifies the customer accordingly, through an advanced integration with Salesforce, the internal CRM platform iSTYLE. ALEX has advanced NER (Named Entity Recognition) capabilities that enable a 100% data accuracy.

„iSTYLE, as a regional Apple Premium Reseller, represents a declaration of quality, performance and focus towards an enhanced customer experience. I am delighted that DRUID is associated with these values and that our technology was selected to further enhance the digital experience for all iSTYLE customers”, stated Liviu Drăgan, DRUID’s CEO.

Druid is a high-tech company that develops chatbots for Enterprise companies. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful smart virtual assistants engaged in specific conversations across roles, processes or industries.