Enhance conversation within the enterprise world!

Druid chatbots empower employees, customers and partners to communicate with your business and enterprise systems in the most intuitive and efficient way. Druid bots apply modern technologies and design principles to provide a familiar user experience across all lines of business, tasks and devices, and their assistance reduces the time spent by users with operations and increases data quality, also reducing the overall costs.
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NLU engine

chatbots multilanguage platform
Over 45

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chatbots platform onpremise
On-premise, hybrid
or cloud

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Powerful but flexible NLP technology

Our proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology focuses on interpreting the user's intent to provide information contextually based on their behavior and preferences. The platform provides advanced NLU features to test utterances, configure stop words, sentiment, and flow matching thresholds.
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Easily deploy multi-language bots

Through its advanced NLP engine, the DRUID platform has native support for over 48 languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and many more)
  • Deploy multi-language chatbots easily
  • No language barriers
  • Constant updates to NLP engines
chatbot platform multilanguage

Connect everything

The platform's Connector Designer allows chatbot authors to easily configure any type of connection to enterprise applications (Open APIs, REST/SOAP, SQL/Oracle, MS, ERP, CRM). In case there is no API available, the DRUID platform can connect to UiPath RPA robots to automatically interact with any enterprise application.
  • Conversational Automation with UiPath RPA
  • Easily get/push data to enterprise apps
chatbot platform connector sql rest soap api

Make it yours

Easily customize look&feel for both platform tenant and chatbots, through custom CSS, logos & avatars. Deploy your brand's visual identity in just a couple of clicks.
  • Change look&feel through custom CSS
  • White labeled, custom logo & avatars
  • Easily deploy your brand’s style

Let's have a chat

Schedule a demo with our team and learn how you can pass the mundane and repetitive tasks to Druid chatbots and allow your users to focus on work that matters.
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Role Based Access Control

You have complete control over platform access by defining roles that fit your organizational structure, together with advanced options to configure permissions for each role.
  • Define any number of roles and permissions
  • Perform real-time updates easily
  • Audit logs for full traceability

Build your bot's memory with entities

Entities and attributes make the memory of your chatbots. Collect, store and process data from user input, actions and enterprise systems to further enhance your bot's ability to provide contextual and rich information.
  • Collects data from user input, actions and apps
  • Use data to provide contextual answers
  • Fully customizable entity model
chatbot platform customize theme

Generate documents on the fly

Automate any document-based process with chatbots and document templates that contain entity-sourced dynamic data, providing users with Microsoft Excel or Word reports or documents, also adding the flexibility of a built-in PDF generator.
  • Microsoft Excel or Word templates
  • Fill with entity-sourced dynamic data
  • Provide user-friendly PDFs
chatbot platform dynamic document templates

Monitor performance with advanced conversation filters

Conversation history filters allows admins to check conversations based on users, channels and intent flows, to better understand user behavior and enhance conversation flows.
  • Easily filter through all conversations
  • Understand user behavior and debug issues
  • Assess bot usage
chatbot platform conversation debug history
Here’s how Druid chatbots help users focus on what matters most

Druid chatbots are equipped with over 500 built-in skills for every industry and any role

chatbots reply questions

Reply to questions

Effortlessly train your intelligent assistants to reply to simple or complex questions.

chatbots send notifications

Send notifications

Multi-channel notifications for any task or workflow. 'Your invoice was issued. Send it to accounting?'

chatbots deliver reports

Deliver reports

Generate advanced reports in PDF, MS Word or Excel format by simply asking the chatbot.

chatbots track tasks

Track smart tasks

Continually monitors the enterprise systems, checks tasks and sends status alerts.

chatbots fill forms

Fill in forms

Assists users in filling forms and decreases the operational costs, while improving user experience.

chatbot route to human

Route to human

Automatically route to human operator based on predefined rules or no intent recognition.

We’re combining over 20 years of business experience with cutting edge technology

The Druid platform is the one-stop shop for easy access to best-of-breed AI, Machine Learning and NLP technology

druid chatbot platform technology

Technology stack.

The DRUID platform gives enterprises the necessary building block to clear the hurdle of “how” when it comes to designing, building, testing, and deploying AI-powered chatbots. This one-stop solution provides a scalable, secure, configurable and extendable foundation to create chatbots that perform a wide range of intelligent tasks, communicate with people and systems, and leverage data to drive actionable employee and customer engagements across channels.

Cloud. Hybrid. On-premise. You name it.

Our platform’s robust and flexible architecture runs in the cloud using Microsoft Azure infrastructure or on-premise, and can connect with internal and external systems, ensuring it addresses the most complex IT and business requirements.


The Druid platform follows the strictest guidelines for security and compliance regardless of industry, from customer information to proprietary business data.