One of the biggest healthcare clinic in CEE uses conversational AI to secure cost savings

The healthcare services’ market leader in CEE called on DRUID’s conversational technology to develop a complex virtual assistant for C-level management work optimization support

The ever-growing complexity of the workplace

It is a business imperative that companies develop in time, either by expanding their portfolio of products and services or by expanding geographically. Yet, as organizations mature and grow, the resulting business complexity places pressure on all resources, most specifically the workforce.

Too much complexity translates into complicated organizational structures, slowed down internal processes, and an inability for teams to cut through the red tape and get valuable work done. In the absence of a more simplified workplace, a Gartner study found that only 13% of employees are satisfied with their experience.

Consequently, every line of business must focus singularly on enhancing and simplifying workflows, especially at the senior level, where the value-added they can bring directly impacts overall corporate performance.

The Challenge

In 2019, after years of pursuing a rapid-growth strategy, including fast territory expansion, an aggressive acquisitions strategy, and rapid growth of its portfolio of medical services offered, Regina Maria found itself dealing with increasingly complex internal processes. Moreover, the large number of technologies and internal applications initially implemented to manage this complexity were having adverse reactions to C-level management performance.

  • Main goals

  • Key wins

  • Testimonial

Employee engagement and productivity driven by conversational AI 

In today’s fast-changing digital world, employee engagement and productivity are directly linked to revenue growth. Productivity improvements come from focusing on improving people’s experiences, which are inextricably linked to their interactions and conversations.

  • Boost management productivity.
  • Engaging user experience.
  • Accelerate customer access to relevant information.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Increase collaboration between medical, sales, and customer care teams.

Management smart interaction with IT systems 

The company’s top 200 managers urgently needed a solution that would allow them to interact with IT systems frictionless, obtain information, and dispense tasks faster and intuitively. The key was ANA, a management support virtual assistant designed and customized by DRUID to fit the characteristics of the Regina Maria environment and answer its particular needs.

Key wins for Regina Maria clinics:

  • 24/7 availability of the virtual assistant, regardless of location, giving teams the freedom to be productive on their schedule – a particular gain for a healthcare provider offering services to millions of Romanians irrespective of weekends or national holidays
  • Using Natural Language Processing, ANA operates beyond pre-defined sets of questions and answers. Instead, it can use its integration with various databases to give managers simple, clear, and intelligent responses.
  • Using ANA led to time savings of at least 16 working hours per day only at senior management team level.

"With ANA’s help, each manager gets back between 5 and 10 minutes each day. For our full team of 200 managers, it means our organization earns between 16 and 48 hours daily, adding up to over 100,000 euro in savings. It is impressive that all these gains come from one single smart virtual assistant."

Cosmin Panaete
Business Process Director,
Regina Maria


The Solution

Presenting ANA: an intelligent virtual assistant that integrates with the client’s five operating systems and links seamlessly to the existing multi-vendor application ecosystem. It is trained to take on tasks, communicate decisions and operate in internal systems while also connecting three of Regina Maria’s most important departments: medical, sales, and customer service. With the help of an RPA connector on-premise and benefiting from a secure hybrid deployment, ANA was made readily available through the collaboration platform Microsoft Teams from the managers’ device of choice (desktop, laptop, mobile device) around the clock.

ANA increased the speed and efficiency with which managers could dispense with routine yet time-consuming tasks like leave requests, expenses and budget approvals, contracts, and salaries. Moreover, ANA is aware of the internal structure of the growing Regina Maria organization and can offer solid contextual support for managers.


By automating tasks and minimizing errors, artificial intelligence can take over mundane and repetitive tasks across the business. This liberates employees to focus on problem solving and more creative and exciting assignments. This has positive effects on the bottom line and supports more significant innovation and more confident decision-making in all business areas.

Gartner’s Global Human Capital Trends survey shows that 70% of organizations are already exploring or using AI at some level. This is the first step toward enabling humans and machines to work.



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