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A leader in the European prepaid corporate services transforms its customer experience with conversational AI​

Europe’s leader of the prepaid corporate services market completes a benchmark customer experience digitalization project with the help of DRUID’s conversational technology

Conversational technology a game-changer in enabling ​the future of customer interactions ​

Companies are constantly engaging their customers to keep them satisfied and build loyalty. However, with growing competition for customer attention, which has made modern customers more discerning than ever before, the task of ensuring customer satisfaction is becoming challenging.

Expectations are constantly increasing, so if a company isn’t continually improving its service, it will quickly fall behind. At the same time, the growing trend of customers using mobile devices makes them more comfortable self-managing parts of their daily routine instead of interacting face-to-face with companies. To deal with these changes, service providers must offer omnichannel communications and self-service portals to empower customers with immediate access to information about their products, services, and usage. ​

By allowing customers to perform basic tasks themselves, companies pave the way towards a better customer experience while also reducing workloads and pressure for customer service teams. These features are vital to stemming the rising expenses of service centers while also saving time for customers and customer care representatives alike.​

The Challenge

One of the essential components of customer experience is self-service, which is quickly becoming a “must-have” feature for service providers on their digital transformation journey.

To stay relevant in an increasingly digital and customer-focused world, companies must offer a range of communication and self-service channels while successfully managing to balance the fulfillment of customer expectations with financial success. ​

For the company, present on a competitive market alongside strong, more mature competitors, a seamless digital experience for its customers became mandatory as a key market differentiator and a comprehensive tool for securing customer loyalty and ensuring recurrent business and new revenue streams.

  • Main goals

  • Key wins

  • Testimonial

Offer immediate access to information about products, services, and usage.

Self-service is quickly becoming a “must-have” feature for service providers on their digital transformation journey.

  • Increase customer and business partners’ engagement with alternative digital communication channels​.
  • Automate customer support to reduce mundane, repetitive manual tasks​.
  • Decrease time-to-serve customers and business partners​.
  • Improve the digital user experience​.

Customer experience new benchmark with DRUID's Conversational AI

Implementing Conversational AI technology through DRUID's virtual assistants is a game-changing strategy for enterprises that wish to enable the future of customer interactions.

Key wins:

  • Securing operational and cost efficiencies through customers’ faster and accurate access to information while relieving customer support teams to take care of more complex challenges and really engage with customers.​
  • Automated customer interactions have a net positive impact on customer satisfaction levels, thanks to shorter response times.​
  • 100% accuracy of the information accessed by customers.​

"The post-COVID-19 era will accelerate the digital transformation in many areas. In this context, we reaffirm its commitment to helping all its customers with the same passion, offering them a modern, unique digital experience adapted to everyone’s needs.​"

Digital Director


The Solution

As digital transformation trends received a strong impetus during the COVID pandemic, the company was determined to take a moment of increased challenges and turn it into an opportunity to set itself and its services apart. ​

Thus, in partnership with DRUID, we developed Felicia, the first customer support automation service launched, a top extra-salary benefits company in CEE and part of the company. Felicia is available 24/7 on the company’s application and on the website. ​

It serves users, B2B customers, and partner merchants of the two companies. Felicia instantly answers questions about the company’s products and services and manages routine requests through messaging channels. Thus, Customer Service consultants have more time to solve complex situations and bring additional value to partners and users of the company’s products, such as providing relevant information about digital solutions, online order channels, digital platforms developed for customers and the benefits of using them.


According to a PWC study, a great customer experience comes down to four essential traits: Speed. Convenience. Consistency. Knowledge. In other words, an excellent experience for the customer minimizes friction yet maximizes speed and efficiency. ​

Most importantly, though, a great customer experience leaves the customer feeling heard, seen, and appreciated. For this reason, more than two-thirds of companies in a Gartner survey consider customer experience to be the next competitive battlefield. ​

Companies that understand this change in expectations and are among the early adopters in their respective industries stand to gain an excellent positioning to withstand any potential challenges and changes that will continue to shape the economic environment worldwide​.


Transform the digital experience of your customers with Conversational AI technology!


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