Banca Transilvania meets growing demand with DRUID AI's virtual assistant

One of the largest banks in Eastern Europe uses DRUID’s conversational AI technology to fast-track the launch of a virtual assistant to handle credit payment deferrals during COVID-19.

2020, a year of unprecedented change

With whole economic sectors shut down, including travel, hospitality, and parts of the retail industry, the financial impact on the population was evident. To ease pressure on individuals and protect financially vulnerable segments, the governments passed emergency ordinances forcing banks to allow their customers to defer their credit rate payments. Credit owners positively received the decision, leading to a surge in customer support requests towards banks.

The Challenge

In the last 3 years, the number of calls to Banca Transilvania’s contact center multiplied. This increased volume led to longer handling times and higher costs, negatively impacting the customer experience.

  • Main goals

  • Key wins

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Value-added customer experiences through conversational automation

At this moment in time, the challenge for Banca Transilvania is to optimize its customer service and reduce the pressure on its contact center agents while also offering customers a fast means to rapidly solve their requests.

  • Accelerate customer access to relevant information.
  • Ensure consumer satisfaction.
  • Lessen demands on call-center personnel.
  • Reduce customer support time. 
  • Growing the live channel (chat to agent & chatbot) to better assist clients who prefer online communication.

92,000 sessions/month

INO, an AI-powered virtual assistant developed on the DRUID conversational AI platform that would respond to customer requests from the support area in Neo, BT24, and BT Pay through FAQs and live dialogue with call-centre agents.

Key wins for Transilvania Bank:

  • Thanks to the flexibility of conversational technology and DRUID processes, implementation advanced easily, giving Banca Transilvania a quick means to optimize customer support processes.
  • Contact center calls on this topic decreased dramatically after INO’s implementation, freeing the agents’ time to focus on other issues of interest for callers.

"Within Banca Transilvania, digitalization started as a need for value-added customer experiences and became a necessity starting with the pandemic context of 2020. Now, Ino solves repetitive requests from the support area in Neo, BT24, and BT Pay through FAQs and live dialogue with our call-center agents. Our following goals are to address repetitive requests handled by call center agents and transform them into digital interactions, using the internally developed tool for online customer identification (OTP & OCR & liveness)."

Digital Director,
Banca Transilvania


The Solution

Customers want the convenience and practicality of online and omnichannel banking, but they also expect personalized interactions. Quite simply, they want to be able to speak with their bank. Nowadays, the basic human need for support was never more evident – or more necessary.

Banca Transilvania, the local banking market leader, saw the opportunity to put a stronger emphasis on the bank-customer relationship. It switched its perspective and looked to digitalization to provide the tool that would bring it closer to its customers.

The solution was INO, an AI-powered virtual assistant developed on the DRUID chatbot platform that would solve repetitive requests from the support area in Neo, BT24, and BT Pay through FAQs and live dialogue with call-center agents.

More specifically, INO was trained for FAQ support, and live conversations with call center agents and has self-help sections. It is also an alternative channel for online updating data. The chatbot is available 24/7 on the Banca Transilvania website, Neo and BT24 Login page.


Digital capabilities and more customer-centricity are becoming immediate critical enablers to serve customers effectively. In the future, this will constitute a competitive advantage.

A Deloitte study focused on the banking industry (Lessons learned during COVID-19) shows that those who spent the time and energy to institutionalize critical elements of change that worked well during COVID-19 will be far better equipped to compete and win.

Banca Transilvania’s choice to use conversational technology helped it answer customer needs better and faster and positioned it in the lead to streamline the customer journey and increase satisfaction in the long run.



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