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6 Contact Center Use Cases for Conversational AI

Find six Contact Center Use Cases for Conversational AI; see how savvy leaders are investing to save time and money and make their teams more efficient.

Contact centers are at the forefront of customers, team members, business processes, and technologies for any organization. An incredible volume of traffic goes through these contact centers.

As such, artificial intelligence (AI) tools can offer many beneficial solutions for efficiently handling that traffic. Conversational AI applications, better known as chatbots, can help ease the pressure on team members and help customers deal with more straightforward questions or problems that may arise. 

Conversational AI applications are programmed to cater to the specific needs of your business. This could help your contact center in your overall marketing efforts; cater to customer-service needs; and help employees with up-selling, organization, or just about anything. 

Here are some of the top reasons why contact centers worldwide should invest in conversational AI and reap the benefits of this modern technological advancement.

#1. Make customer service the top priority

Customer service departments of businesses are under tremendous pressure to deliver an elite, personalized, and empathetic experience. After 2020, this pressure became even more significant as many operations went fully remote. 

AI can alleviate some of this pressure. Tools like AI chatbots and voice assistants are available to help take care of long call queues or a hectic spike in call traffic. They can lighten customer anxieties and effectively resolve a wide variety of issues without any human intervention. 

Conversational AI can also categorize customer calls based on the tone of voice and word choice (known as sentiment analysis); past interactions with the company; or the context of their phone call. Thus, a majority of these queries can be routed to conversational AI solutions. In turn, this helps ease the pressure of contact center agents for the lighter issues and allows more time to focus on the most complex matters. 

Customer service carries the most weight across all industries. Customers would prefer to be treated as the top priority and experience empathy and respect than to pay lower prices. A company could have the best prices but lack exceptional customer service, which will be detrimental to its success. 

Conversational AI tools are incredibly beneficial in guaranteeing the best customer experience. Customer engagement and support remain open around the clock; there is no waiting to be assisted by stressed human agents. AI systems have built-in data tools that support various privacy regulations, allowing businesses to analyze customer interactions in real-time and use that information to personalize their experience even more. 

These tools can even help train new employees and improve applications by delivering data back to the business to benefit the company in many aspects. AI applications can connect with customers on more than one channel and deliver on all of them. Customers want to feel appreciated and catered to, and AI can quickly assist in reaching this standard while also helping employees improve their performance. 

#2. Personalize interactions

The integration of these AI tools has empowered businesses to do more. Modern customers enjoy using current technology and often prefer self-service if the program can adequately help them to resolve the issue at hand. Conversational AI applications can deliver a personalized customer experience and deliver at a scale. 

Contact centers today often employ omnichannel experiences that bring together numerous communication options, and AI can help scale that. Customers can move from platform to platform to reach a business and have their queries resolved. Conversational AI tools can help to personalize the experience, follow customers across platforms, and understand the outside context and their history with the organization to help deliver the best customer service experience possible. 

#3. Deliver 24/7 support

Conversational AI tools enable businesses to assist customers regardless of time zone. Customers, too, could be calling from anywhere in the world. Self-service tools are essential to helping customers and easing their frustrations. 

Chatbots and voice bots are vital to a brand’s customer engagement strategy to deliver on the self-service customer experience. The intelligence behind the AI tools can understand human speech, language, and emotions. The tools can improve customer service and customer support experience in all aspects of a business. 

These bots are so intelligent that some customers will not know that they are not working with an actual human being. The integration of the AI applications is seamless, can pick up where humans left off, and bring context within their “social” interactions with customers.

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#4. Assist marketing and sales efforts

It’s no secret that there is a lot of competition out there for any business, and it can be challenging to reach your target market directly. However,  AI solutions can help with this. Companies can program AI chatbots and voice bots to help boost marketing and sales efforts. 

They can help pick through what customers discuss on social media platforms, assist them on your websites, or even understand their specific needs when they call the contact center. Conversational AI applications can help reach and connect with customers on a new and modern level thanks to technologies that understand customers’ tone, intentions, deciphering their emotions and hidden expectations. 

Various AI solutions are trained or programmed to handle several different situations and human behaviors. They can be a better and less daunting way of persuading customers to sign up for events, download company content, or even purchase products or services from your company. AI solutions lighten the pressure that consumers can experience when interacting with another human. These technologies and the benefits they provide can help drive marketing and sales efforts. 

#5. Deliver an omni-channel experience

Customers want to interact with employees, but they want to choose when to do so and use their preferred communication platform. Conversational AI enables customers to have the same experience over any channel they choose as to how they want to gain their needed support. Conversational AI connects customers to back-end systems and processes to make things even more accessible. 

If a master bot is used, it can make the process even more customized and advanced. A master bot provides a single interface that is accessible over any channel for all your customer-facing departments. This helps you build familiarity, connections, and trust with customers, which increases the use of your product, services, or applications, providing you more opportunities for customer engagement.

#6. Bring it all together

With a master bot, you can simplify a customer’s experience and save them time. Master bots can utilize various departments of a business, including the most used: technical support, customer service, and sales. A master bot manages a customer’s entire journey through existing chatbots, back-end systems, knowledge bases, and other AI tools, including third-party chatbots, to deliver the best response. 

Throughout the whole experience, the master bot can manage the conversation context, recognize ideal opportunities for a product upsell, and access the company’s system to deliver the correct information. Each department can control its specific area or domain while providing a seamless experience for the customer and being incredibly efficient for the business. 

Conversational AI tools are there to help your business and to help customers. Implementing AI can make meaningful improvements to your company, and you can see the results right away when an AI solution is matched to the right task and in the correct department. Organizations successfully use these modern technological advancements to process automation, data analysis, and customer interaction in a way that has never been done before. 

These are just a few reasons why implementing AI is highly beneficial and relevant to customer service operations. Contact centers are a perfect way to test out the benefits of AI and its potential to strengthen your business. Contact centers handle complex data that can benefit from AI’s analytical side and address complex customer concerns using conversational programming. The implementation of AI is highly beneficial to customer satisfaction, team member productivity, and overall business effectiveness. 

Learn how conversational AI can help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver a superior customer experience in your contact center.

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