Groupama Insurance uses DRUID AI chatbots to provide HR and IT support to employees

druid ai chatbot for insurance hr it support

Groupama Insurance launches an AI-powered chatbot for HR, developed on the DRUID technology that assists employees by replying to questions about internal processes in the COVID-19 pandemic context, measures to be taken, but also technical support for the IT infrastructure.

“Ioana helps us reduce the time needed to retrieve information about the company’s decisions and measures during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as other necessary information for day-to-day activities. We carefully analyze our colleagues’ questions to train Ioana and develop her knowledge base. This project helps us be closer to our employees, providing constantly updated information, for remote or on-premise teams. The ease of configuring conversational flows in DRUID allowed us to have a fast deployment”, declared Răzvan Ghețea, IT and Operations Director, Groupama Insurance.

Ioana is an AI virtual assistant chatbot hosted on Groupama’s intranet website, that answers FAQs, amd be accessed 24/7 by all their 1500 employees in over 120 agencies. Ioana was fully developed and deployed by the HR and IT teams in Groupama to answer frequent questions regarding the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessary protection measures, internal rules and procedures. Moreover, Ioana can provide IT support to employees, relieving the IT teams of having to manage time-consuming, repetitive tasks. In the first week since launch, Ioana managed over 5000 requests.

“Each virtual assistant developed with DRUID technology has its own personality that is refined over time. Ioana does not take vacations, she does not sleep, and is available 24/7. The chatbot provides support not only for Groupama’s employees but also for IT and Human Resources specialists. I am convinced that all the teams in Groupama will soon love Ioana”, stated Liviu Drăgan, DRUID’s CEO.

DRUID is a high-tech company that provides a fully no-code AI chatbot design platform for Enterprise companies and one of the few global suppliers that cover all types of deployment – cloud, hybrid, and fully on-premise. Thanks to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to easily design and deploy powerful AI virtual assistants for any role, process, or industry. DRUID is also engaged in a global partnership with UiPath to provide conversational AI solutions for RPA bots.