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Up Group introduces DRUID AI virtual assistants to automate customer support

Up Romania introduces Victor - the DRUID AI virtual assistants that automates customer support interactions

Up Romania automates customer interactions through a DRUID AI virtual assistant, available on all company platforms -,, and in the Up mobile application. Victor, the virtual assistant, was developed and implemented by Inform Lykos, a strategic DRUID partner, and is based on our proprietary conversational AI technology. Victor can be accessed at any time and answers the most frequent user requests.

Current Up Romania cardholders will be able to obtain information from Victor regarding their account balance, how to block or activate their card, the validity of the amount on their card, where they can spend tickets, and how to alter their PIN or account phone number. The Victor chatbot will deliver information about Up Romania services and products to customers who are interested but have not yet benefited from Up Romania electronic items.

The virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence, can interact with the audience by answering open-ended questions. As a result of processing natural language, Victor will be able to learn from interactions with Up Romania card recipients to provide them with the right answers. Users will be able to start a conversation straight from the company's platforms for specific needs, guided by Victor's topic ideas.

"Digitalization remains at the heart of Up Romania's development strategies. That's why we focus on developing self-service solutions, available 24/7, one click away for users. The implementation of the Victor chatbot is the latest modern digital experience, through which we want to simplify and personalize our interaction with the beneficiaries of Up Romania cards, regardless of the product. Victor, a name that means "winner in life", is designed to meet the recurring needs of Up Romania users, using simple and natural language," said Elena Pap, regional director of Up Group.

"The conversational technology and the benefits of the DRUID architecture, combined with the openness of Up Romania to digitalization, allowed the INFORM technical team to quickly implement the solution. We strongly believe that the introduction of Chatbots Journeys will improve the profile of many organizations through digital transformation. Following sustained investments in experienced analysts and technical expertise, we will continue to provide the highest quality professional services to our clients, contributing to the success of their digital transformation plans," said Kostas Fiakas, Chief Strategy Officer of INFORM Group.

"We are extremely pleased with Up Romania's initiative to provide its beneficiaries with a conversational solution that takes their requests directly from any platform. The involvement of our partner - Inform Lykos - was prompt and ensured a smooth implementation. We are convinced that Victor will instantly become a reliable help for Up Romania" said Liviu Dragan, CEO of DRUID.

Beneficiaries of Up Romania cards will be able to continue interacting with the company's representatives through social media platforms and call center, at 021 402 82 23.

DRUID is a global leader in Conversational AI Automation. DRUID’s no-code platform enables enterprises to automate customer and employee communications using AI-driven virtual assistants. 500 predefined conversational skills and award-winning native connector with UiPath bots offer 3x-5x faster deployments. DRUID is available in any deployment scenario and supports conversations in any language and on any digital channel.

About the Up Group
The Up Group ( is an international group present in over 30 countries, adapting its expertise to local market specifics. It has more than 29 million users with dozens of well-known brands of products and services, such as vouchers (UpDéjeuner), benefits cards, or mobile applications. The Group has 3,541 employees worldwide and achieved a turnover of €535 million in 2020.

About Up Romania
Up Romania is part of the Up Group and serves over 25,000 customers and 800,000 beneficiaries. With a 20-year presence in Romania, the company offers various motivational tools and advantageous financial solutions for the business performance of companies:

  • Products and services that facilitate the daily life of employees through access to benefits in many areas - Up Breakfast, Up Gift, Up Culture, Up Holiday cards;
  • Flexible Benefits Platform - Up MultiBenefits;
  • Services dedicated to traders;
  • Personalized solutions for modernizing the social action sector - social vouchers, social vouchers for kindergarten;
  • Solutions for smart procurement dedicated to small and medium-sized companies - SMEs - Up Procurement platform.
About Inform Lykos
INFORM (LYK.ATH) provides products and services for the secure management of documents and information, innovating in the digital transformation of businesses and organizations by providing specialized solutions. It has 4 production facilities in Greece, Romania, and Albania, and a leading position in the Central and Eastern European markets, both in the public and private sectors.

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